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Upcoming Wedding?

CatsEye posted 2/1/2019 03:12 AM

Not mine.

I've gotten a couple of texts/emails from the exhole that make me think he might be getting married soon.

Is it weird that I'm kind of hoping he is? I mean, we were married for thirty years, and we've been divorced for less than two months. Conventional wisdom says that I should be hurt at the thought.

Maybe it's a closure thing.

I never got to tell him what a horrible person he really is. I never got to bleach his clothes or slash his tires or burn his electronics. I never got to tell his girlfriend what a cheap piece of trash she is. I never got to tell all the "friends" who knew he was cheating and helped him hide it how worthless they all are.

Well, keep your fingers crossed for me. Maybe he'll get married on Valentine's Day. His slut is dumb enough to think that could take a relationship founded on YEARS of deception and betrayal and make it romantic.

I think it would really help if they got married really soon and I learned about it shortly after. I even ran searches of their names in bridal registries.

On the other hand, perhaps I want to hear that they've gotten married because I'm virtually certain that would lead to utter misery and ruin for both of them. If they get married, her crazy is almost guaranteed to be revealed to all my former so-called friends who chose the cheaters. If they get married, one or both is almost certain to cheat again before long. He'll waste her money, and she'll nag him about not having more. Adultery and drinking are the main things they had in common, and now that it's no longer adultery, they only have the drinking.

I can't see it lasting long or making either of them happy.

I sure do hope they get married soon.

BrokenheartedUK posted 2/1/2019 09:51 AM

Karma is a beautiful thing. But the wait can be more of a marathon then a sprint. Live your own life and be happy. That's the best karma there is. ((()))

EvenKeel posted 2/1/2019 10:09 AM

I can't see it lasting long or making either of them happy.
Remember broken attracts broken.

I even ran searches of their names in bridal registries.
Try to completely detach here. The more space you can get; the better for your own NB.

I sure do hope they get married soon.
Not your monkey so don't even buy tickets to the circus.

Your best is yet to come!

CatsEye posted 2/1/2019 14:35 PM

Thanks, Guys!

Not your monkey so don't even buy tickets to the circus.

You know what? Everything you guys said sounds like excellent advice, so I am going to do my best to follow it. I only did it two or three times, but from now on, I'm going to try not to search for their names on the Internet or in wedding registries. I have better things to do.

I saved some links to Pinterest and Facebook accounts and such back when I was trying to find out the truth and find evidence of things I was sure of but couldn't prove. But the divorce is over now, so I went through my bookmarks and deleted all those links.

I need to focus on me and my life, not him and his. Not my monkey; not my circus.

Phoenix1 posted 2/1/2019 15:49 PM

If you DO find out it is happening, wish them everything they deserve! See the double meaning there?

I am actually surprised Xhole (mine) hasn't remarried yet. He is utterly incapable of being alone, and when he wasn't attached to a new victim he focused on me, i.e., finding stupid reasons to reach out. He's had a new victim to sponge off of now since last spring (so close to a year), and she moved in with him. That translates to the focus being taken off of me! I think I have received three text msgs since last April, and the silence has been AWESOME!

So for your benefit, I hope your XWH does, indeed, tie the knot and reaps absolutely everything he deserves as a result! Then, sit back, and let them implode while you bask in your peace and quiet.

[This message edited by Phoenix1 at 4:53 PM, February 1st (Friday)]

CatsEye posted 2/1/2019 16:33 PM

Dear Phoenix1,

That was EXACTLY what I already planned to wish them. But only if he tells me.

Looking forward to that silence. The less I hear from him, the happier I'll be.

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