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Alright - Dean Lewis

Terrain posted 3/14/2019 17:43 PM

Just heard this song on the radio and sometimes I canít listen to it and need to change the station. Some days I sob in the car and other days it doesnít affect me at all.

I hate this process!

Want2BHappyAgain posted 3/14/2019 21:36 PM

I have heard someone else post about this song on here. I havenít heard it...and probably donít want to. I switched to Christian Contemporary music. It is so much more upbeat and inspiring .

This process SUCKS. But let me tell you...once you reach the other will see that it is sooooooo WORTH IT !!! HEALING yourself...whether your M survives or ALWAYS the BEST way to go !

betrayalbrokeme posted 3/15/2019 08:59 AM

I heard this while driving home the other night and burst into tears. I actually had to pull over.

It sucked big time because I'd actually been having a great night and was looking forward to coming home to my H in a good mood. Then I got into the car and that was the first song that came on and ruined it. Luckily when I made it home, he saw my tear stained face and immediately dropped everything to hold me and spend the rest of the night reassuring me of his love and re-dedication.

Lately I've just been listening to positive podcasts and mindfulness recordings which helps but it really does suck when you can't even listen to the radio without worrying about what you'll hear.

Sending you strength Terrain. Hoping this gets better for all of us.

limenavy posted 3/17/2019 20:17 PM

Some songs do have a way of bringing out all the feels in us. Do you have a CD player/Bluetooth audio or something in your car so you could play what you want instead of listening to the radio right now? I downloaded some songs on my phone so I could listen to what I wanted/needed to hear right now instead of random songs from the radio. Sorry the process is difficult. Hoping for the best for you, though.

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