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Really sad

Gottagetthrough posted 9/13/2019 18:59 PM

Itís been a shitty week . BOTH of our cars broke down (one while I was driving... Iím 8 months pregnant and I was in the middle of traffic at a light trying to get the car to work. It was scary). Got that one towed. A few days later our other car goes. So we have to get a rental, get that one to the shop... $2000 later we get that car back only to drive it home and realize there is something still wrong with it. We get to take it back in Monday.

Iím sick, nothing serious but I feel gross and my heads clogged and I just am sick.

Found out I have gestational diabetes. I only am eating kale and protein and veggies. And water. I could soooo go for a slice of pizza and a coke like I made my family for movie night tonight. No. I had water and a kale salad and some beef broth.

My husband has a coworker that we hang out with sometimes. She wanted to throw a baby shower for us. Just found out she hasnít sent the invitations (2 weeks before hand). So I text about 5 of my friends (honestly, small shower... so thatís about 1/2 the guest list. Two are maybes because they have plans already and the other three are nos.

I just feel like shit. I feel like I should have more friends. (But at this age who has time for friends). I feel like I paid $2000 for my car it should be freaking fixed!! I feel like I should have eaten better before so I didnít get gestational diabetes.

I just want to run away from home. My life looks really shitty to me right now. And then I think I have a lot to be thankful for so Iím just a greedy asshole.

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DragnHeart posted 9/13/2019 19:10 PM


No words.

Just hugs

Hutch posted 9/13/2019 19:17 PM

Hi @Gottagetthrough

Big, big hugs!!!

I just posted earlier that my day was just a bad one. My emotions all over the place today so I understand.

Itís okay! Breathe! One step at a time. You have a lot that happened all at one time. Days like this seem unbearable. Just get through one thing at a time.

1. I hope they figure out the car repair situation and get it fixed correctly.

2. I hope you have an amazing baby shower! I wish I knew you and I would come:-)

3. Gestational diabetes does suck. It just does, but hang in there. Typically it goes away immediately after the baby is born. When itís hard, just remember youíll do it. We moms are strong!

Big hugs and know youíre not alone. Weíre here! If you have a bad day, PM and Iíll be sure to encourage and lift you up. 💜

Gottagetthrough posted 9/13/2019 20:17 PM

Thanks guys. Hutch- Iím sorry youíre having a crummy day too. Thereís so much to be grateful for in this world yet these really down days come and get you some times.

My cold will get better

The car is scheduled to be seen early Monday. I called 10 minutes after I left the shop to let them know something was wrong

The shower is stupid. So what if no one comes. Me and the hostess and our kids and spouses will
Be there and can eat cake (well... maybe they can) and visit and have a bbq or whatever together.

The diabetes. Sucks. But since Iíve been in the diet I have lost weight which is not bad since I was gaining so fast. I have a few more weeks then I can eat cake and pizza and soda

Iím healthy. My family is healthy. I am 8 months pregnant with a baby I tried for FOUR YEARS to have!!! Itís ok to be sad sometimes but there is sooooooo
Much to be happy about. (Even if I canít see it today. )

hardtimesinlife posted 9/13/2019 20:24 PM

Oh sweetie, you are not a greedy asshole.

You are pregnant. And eating kale while others eat pizza! The unfairness of that alone would have me sobbing in my pillow.

My dd just gave birth to her third child two weeks ago. I can tell you this (and don't be mad when you read this ) your hormones are playing tricks with your mind right now. this feeling is temporary and you will get through this. My dd had some awful mood swings in her last trimester and I so wished I could take those feelings for her and give her a break.
Hang in there.

5 friends is a lot. And that is just half? Congrats.

Oh, and spinach salad tastes better than kale

ibonnie posted 9/14/2019 06:47 AM

If you don't mind me asking, what's the issue with your car?

SerJR posted 9/14/2019 07:49 AM

Ugh - it always seems that it all hits at once. This is just temporary and things will turn back around on course. Just keep in mind that beautiful baby that's on his/her way.

northeasternarea posted 9/14/2019 11:15 AM


Gottagetthrough posted 9/14/2019 17:32 PM

IBonnie- one car had to have oxygen sensor replaced (I think it had gotten very hot and shattered?). And the catalytic converters.

Other car- still at shop, not sure what that problem is. That was the one I was driving when it died at the light. It wonít even start.

Gottagetthrough posted 9/14/2019 17:35 PM

And thank you all for the support. I was so down last night! I ended up getting sick at 3 am even. Today is a much better day. And Wh, who can be mean at times, has been so nice, I think thatís been a big help to my mood.

Endy posted 9/17/2019 01:27 AM

This is really disheartening! Take a deep breath, find comfort and company in your husband .. I believe with the right person and right plans both of you can pull it through alone.

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