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Apply for a job through Indeed or the company's website?

thisisterrible posted 9/15/2019 01:33 AM

Which way is better? The job posting on Indeed lists the company's website, so it's not like they're trying to keep it a secret. From the company's website, I can clearly tell who the correct person would be to send my resume directly to, so.... how should I apply? Through the "apply now" button on Indeed, or just send an email that mentions seeing the job posting on Indeed and attaching my resume? I'm leaning towards going the direct email route rather than Indeed, but I'd like to hear other opinions/experiences.

Carissima posted 9/15/2019 01:53 AM

Hi, I've used indeed (and similar) and have found that in a number of cases the 'apply now' option trashed you directing to the employer's website so it may an unnecessary choice. I would say go with your gut, but don't think it'll make any difference to the outcome.

Good luck!

tushnurse posted 9/15/2019 07:19 AM

Use the apply now button on indeed and send an email.
I look for this when hiring. its about being able to follow instructions. If you dont follow simple instructions on the website well then I'm a little hesitant to bring you in for an interview.

Endy posted 9/17/2019 01:20 AM

Hi, I will advise you apply through the company website, most times the apply link on indeed actually redirects you to the company’s website too..

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