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thebighurt posted 9/22/2019 00:35 AM

Those symptoms can also come from Ménière's disease, especially the sounds and feelings in the ear you describe and sometimes accompanied by headache. Although having "no control over" your eyes one doctor said is more from vertigo.

Ménière's disease needs specific tests, likely by an ENT. Vertigo is the usual suspect, so getting those tests and diagnosis done is considered necessary less often. I know someone diagnosed with it who had to really push the primary to go beyond what he felt it was and give a referral because it kept happening.

I have had vertigo and inner ear issues, too, so I know how awful it is to deal with (projectile vomiting and all). Last winter I was sent from Urgent Care to the ER because they were concerned I had had a stroke (but I knew better). Nearly 10K in bills later, I had 3 prescriptions for things discussed here and haven't had it since, thankfully. It was one of those "At your age" CYA things.....

Good luck next week and beyond, Jeaniegirl.

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