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Confirmed I know where my kids get it from

DragnHeart posted 9/19/2019 20:22 PM

Being a klutz.

That's 100% from ME!

Ds is notorious for getting hurt. Today I had to bandage his hand up due to him ripping open a huge blister he got from the climber at school. The kid is covered in bruises. It's always something with him. And now I know he gets it from me.

So today was install the door frame AND door for my new poultry barn. Ya that didn't go over to well. Frame up. No issues. Door up. Slight issue with height. Ok no buggy. I set the door up leaning into the frame so it wouldn't move...


Specifically while I had sat down to have a drink of water. Never turn your back on a door. Lesson learned the hard way as a good guest of wind came through the barn/shed, through the opening at the back for the window (not yet installed) and blew the door over onto my HEAD.

I saw stars. And for a moment or two I just sat there, this huge exterior door laying on me and me folded like a pretzel on the ground... once I was sure I wasnt going to pass out from the hit i slowly moved the door off of myself and lean it up against the ladder...which then falls onto the tractor.

At that point I decide I'm done for the day. Clean up the mess, put away the tools and sat in the grass with the St Bernard on one side, the chihuahua on the other.

Could have had the damn thing done today.. guess it just want in the cards. And tomorrow is a write off as vet is coming in the morning to see one of my horses then it's off to do the grocery stuff. Saturday is laundry and shopping with DD and sometime this weekend wh insists we finish the 12x16 new horse run in. And guess whose doing the roof? Yep, me. This should be interesting.

Pray for me....I'm going to need some.divine intervention lmao

Want2BHappyAgain posted 9/19/2019 23:40 PM

Oh gosh...when it rains it pours huh?! I am happy that it wasn’t worse for you and your little ones...and that you can come on here and share it with us !!!

DragnHeart posted 9/20/2019 03:37 AM

It occurred to me later that had I been knocked out the kids would have ended up finding me. Hopefully. Lol. I couldn't be seen from the road.

DragnHeart posted 9/20/2019 12:47 PM

And I'm sporting a huge bandage on my thumb today from trying to cut up some carrots for my horse who was seeing the vet today. I wanted the carrots to fit in my pockets and have enough to keep horsey distracted.

Well the knife slipped. Caught my nail mostly so that was good. But darn!!! Ouch!

I'm a mess...

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