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Pet pictures with Santa anyone???

DragnHeart posted 11/13/2019 13:03 PM

Ya know I just dont think this beautiful gal of mine is going to get a photo with santa. Can't imagine why, shes so soft and fuzzy...
(Sorry ya'all but it's been waaaaay to long I had her lol)

zebra25 posted 11/13/2019 13:35 PM

DragnHeart posted 11/13/2019 13:41 PM

I guess I could photoshop a santa hat on her and send this out as the cover to my Christmas cards.....kidding. I am kidding...

I want to breed her but I haven't been able to find a male. Maybe this coming year.

DragnHeart posted 11/15/2019 05:09 AM

So I assume I'm the only one who would take their pet for photos with santa?

I'd take the st Bernard but he would cover santa in drool...

likeapinball posted 11/17/2019 12:47 PM

We took our shepherd/husky mix many years ago before we had kids! He loved it, not sure Santa did! The two that we have now - one would likely go home with Santa, the other wouldn't even get close! That one (125lb Mastiff) is absolutely terrified of anyone with white hair!

Chaos posted 11/17/2019 13:18 PM

I may be taking a new kitten to Santa this year.

I also agree that you should put a Santa hat on her and use it as her mate seeking profile picture

DragnHeart posted 11/17/2019 17:22 PM

I cant wait to do the big family Santa photos because we always get ones with Mrs Clause too.

I'd love to have my sphynx cat dressed up and have photos with santa but I can guarantee the cat would be all "claws" instead of Clause hahahahaha

[This message edited by DragnHeart at 5:22 PM, November 17th (Sunday)]

Thislife posted 12/21/2019 22:48 PM

Iím hoping this is how this works to post a photo

Thatís a nope and a fail.... so, Iím sharing the image link and then maybe someone can tell me where it all went wrong


[This message edited by Thislife at 11:08 PM, December 21st (Saturday)]

thebighurt posted 12/22/2019 15:11 PM

Dragn, I can't believe I fell for this (again!)

DragnHeart posted 12/22/2019 17:53 PM

Dragn, I can't believe I fell for this (again!)

Oh come on now It should be expected that at some point I'll drop a photo of my fuzzy girl from time to time. I'm just doing my best to keep you all on your toes lol

I was getting dressed. Her tank is on my dresser. I bent over to put on my socks, sat up and there she was right at the front "watching me".

thebighurt posted 12/22/2019 18:41 PM

My fault for not checking who started this thread. Next time, pay more attention!!

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