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Old Fwb/Flings

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HalfTime2017 posted 12/3/2019 14:15 PM

Hobbyist, to be honest, the other troubling thing about your girl is how "most of her friends are guys" issue. In my experience, this is an issue. She doesnt get along with her tribe, and the question is WHY? Are you going to be okay that the rest of her life shes always going to have mostly guy friends? I don't have issues with my GF having guy friends, the problem is whats her issue with girls? Why does she need all these guys around?

Hobbyist posted 12/3/2019 15:57 PM

I have a lot to say to these, but honestly I'd rather work it out in therapy so I'm keeping my responses brief.

She does have female friends, but she tends to get along better with guys. I've been the same way in the past with girls. I don't know if this is an issue or not, ultimately I'd just like to be able to trust my partner.

No, I'm not going to ask her to cut multiple people out of her life for my sake, that's a recipe for codependency. If I can't handle her friends, I'll end things.

I agree that every relationship can potentially end in hurt, and I've been actively looking for the "least likely" threat partner, which is not really fair, since we've already established that we have no idea if she'll cheat or not.

I'll be going back to therapy, because I don't want to pick my partner based on how well they dance around my insecurities. I want to pick them based on how they make me feel, and at the moment, she makes me feel good, minus this situation. It's my problem to deal with, not hers.

I did voice that the guy she works out with may become a deal breaker for me, so she can do with that info what she pleases. That's the only relationship that seems a bit weird, and she knows that herself.

Thanks for the input, everyone!

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