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Mr. Rogers film shows infidelity pain.

pureheartkit posted 12/5/2019 01:33 AM

I saw this today. The actor playing the writer did a good job at portraying the deep pain that infidelity can cause. I thought the WS father did a good job too. No spoilers from me about the ending.

Little Daniel was always my favorite on the show. Loved seeing him again thinking now about how that was the child inside speaking to us all. Even trying my best to be understanding and grateful, yet during the film and after, I feel I have a long way to go compared to Mr. Rogers. I feel sometimes too that people don't think it's realistic in this world to be a kind optimist and I've been made light of.....I suppose he felt that way too but continued on anyway because it felt right to him. I liked the message that we all feel pain, we all get mad, we all face despair but that's being human and we learn to rise up and try again.

pureheartkit posted 12/5/2019 01:36 AM

Did anyone else see a little of Birdman with keaton in the city parts without Mr. Rogers? The darkness and the self exploration/ man in crisis and the surrealism seemed similar.

cocoplus5nuts posted 12/5/2019 07:51 AM

Thanks for the heads up. I already didn't want to see this movie. This gives me another reason to not.

whoami62 posted 12/5/2019 07:55 AM

Was thinking of seeing this tonight with H...not sure I want to now.
We recently watched a series on Prime ( Modern Love )

One of the episodes hit me hard and caused me to cry my eyes out and go to bed. You just never know when entertainment will cause triggers and trauma

crazyblindsided posted 12/5/2019 15:30 PM

I wanted to see this too it was my favorite show as a kid. I can't watch any infidelity right now it all seems so pointless.

Beachwalker posted 12/5/2019 18:56 PM

I took my WW to see this movie on our date night. I had no idea of the film’s content prior to watching it, so I was crying a good portion of the film.

Dealing with pain is real.

Obviously for me, the film touched something still sensitive inside. I suppose that Mr. Rogers is still touching people today.

IHatePickingName posted 12/5/2019 20:46 PM

I wanted to see this, and would appreciate a PM with spoilers if anyone is up for it. I am able to view some infidelity content now (i didnt realize how completely pervasive it was as a theme, everywhere and in everything until dday), but i have to be very careful and fully prepared.

Eta got it, thank you pureheartkit. Definitely sitting this one out for now.

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