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barcher144 posted 12/11/2019 20:19 PM

An interesting thing happened tonight.

DD14 had a band concert, so of course I planned on being there. The unique thing, though, is that GF has now met all three of my children. So, I invited her to come along with me. Sure, STBXW was certain to be at the concert too... but hey, I should live my life, right?

The concert began at 7pm and we arrived at 6:57pm. I didn't see STBXW's car in the parking lot, but I didn't look very closely either (I looked as we were walking into the school because GF asked). We pay for our tickets, walking in, and sat down.

About 30 seconds later, my son (age 7) trotted up to us and handed me an envelop (a Christmas card sent to my former house). I looked up and saw STBXW staring intently at the floor as she walked past us as quickly as possible. They must have been right behind us as we walked in.

I am a little too nice to take pleasure in another person's misfortunes. GF isn't though. She described it as the best band concert of her life.

[This message edited by barcher144 at 8:20 PM, December 11th (Wednesday)]

tushnurse posted 12/12/2019 07:39 AM

Merry Xmas - Glad you got to enjoy the band concert. The older they get the better they are.

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