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Emotions all over the place

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skeetermooch posted 12/18/2019 19:37 PM

His whole attitude towards keeping me as wife so I can play house like always while he does whatever- he really thought that would be great, for both of us.

Exactly, Maudlin - after I found voluminous evidence of my husbands many, many, many instances of cheating - he fell right back into treating me like the wife appliance. There wasn't even a weak attempt to show remorse. He thought we'd get right back to what we'd been doing.

I'm thankful for that - if he'd been apologetic and humble and conciliatory, I totally would have caved and set myself up for more reveals.

Even now that he's been kicked out for two months - when we've interacted his attitude is that I need to get back in line so we can resume our former set up - hell to the no!!!

I don't miss that life at all. All the time he was disinterested and neglecting me I thought it was that he prioritized other things ahead of me, which also hurt a lot, but wasn't a divorce-able offense. So, in a weird way this is a gift - bc I would've stayed a miserable wife appliance for the rest of my days otherwise.

And a man with daughters - how does he justify treating their mother this way and modeling this behavior? They choose to believe it's all without consequences.

skeetermooch posted 12/18/2019 19:42 PM

My husband deliberately withheld, as a means to control me and on the occasions he attempted, "peter" fell flat.

Mine too - his didn't fall flat though - he just could never finish and either it was because I wasn't doing the things he liked or because I was pressuring him to finish - a no win.

It stems from the shit relationship they have with their own mothers...theres a probability of incest, in their childhoods.

Mine was molested by a step-mother after his own mother abandoned him - she would just drop him off with relatives for a year or two at a time and then come back around for while.

Ok - fine - it's horrible but doing harm to others doesn't fix a damn thing.

The whole Madonna/whore set up is fucking awful. In all my years I've never experienced anything like it - so gross.

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