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I'm divorced! Woohoo! :) :) :)

ashesofkali posted 12/29/2019 13:43 PM

My divorce was finalized last week. Just in time for Christmas. It's hard to explain to my parents why this is pretty much my favorite holiday gift ever. My xWH is deep in debt and spends a lot of his time being unemployed and blaming other people for his problems. I like to work hard, be frugal and keep a squeaky-clean credit record, so getting this divorce finalized is a real sigh of relief for me. I can sleep now I no longer have to lie awake at night worrying about his creditors coming after me.

Here's the goodbye letter I wrote (but didn't send, of course) to xWH:
"You betrayed me with another woman. Then you controlled my emotional response to that betrayal by lying to me about it. That's psychological manipulation, and psychological manipulation = abuse. And since 5 or 6 years went by between the day you started your affair and the day I found about it, it falls under the heading of 'long-term abuse.' You're an abuser. That's why I divorced you. Now go fuck yourself."

Phoenix1 posted 12/29/2019 17:14 PM

Congrats! Onward and upward to your new beginning!

3greatkids posted 12/29/2019 17:20 PM

Congrats!! 🍾🎉

Charity411 posted 12/29/2019 20:02 PM

Congrats! Your life is now your own exclusively. You will no longer be afraid to answer the phone or open your mail to new spending surprises. My EXH was exactly like that. What ever I faced, at least I knew what was coming.

Happy New Year to you. And God bless your new life.

fareast posted 12/29/2019 21:31 PM

Congrats! Now go out and live your life free from manipulation and abuse. Best wishes.

Newbeginnings24 posted 12/29/2019 21:41 PM

Congratulations. Lots of freedom and fun times ahead for you. Xx

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