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Leaving it in the past

fooled13years posted 1/10/2020 14:22 PM

Two Monks were walking along a stream bank when they came across a newly married couple wondering how they could get to the other side without getting wet.

The two Monks said “climb up on our backs and we will carry you across.”

When on the other side of the stream the bride said “I am so mad that the bottom of my dress got wet.”

The Monks went on their way, and after a while the Monk who had carried the bride across the stream said “I can’t believe that that woman didn’t thank us. All she did was complain about the bottom of her dress getting wet. Doesn’t she know that she would have been soaked from head to toe had I not carried her across that stream?”

The Monk who had carried the groom across looked at his companion and said “why are you still carrying that woman? You got her off your back more than 5 miles ago.”

May we all leave those things, and people, we have gotten off our backs in the past and move on to a great life.

whoami62 posted 1/10/2020 16:37 PM

Maybe I am missing the point , but it kind of seems like blaming the victim for not forgiving
A dress is just a possession , but pain inflicted is real and tangible
If circumstances are not in place to forgive , then let's not blame the person who was harmed

ShatteredSakura posted 1/10/2020 17:21 PM

Lmao. Monk slapped.

ThisIsSoLonely posted 1/10/2020 17:23 PM

but it kind of seems like blaming the victim for not forgiving

I don't see it about forgiving at all - I see it as being 100% about letting go. I see it as a the victim having to be reminded that the weight they are carrying is gone. It's very appropriate in situations such as are allowing something that is no longer attached to you still bother your progress going forward even though it is no longer your weight to bear.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to holding onto painful or troublesome things. Allowing something bad that has happened in the past jade your future is hurting only you...

Thanks for the post fooled!

fareast posted 1/10/2020 18:45 PM


Excellent point. Let them go. The sooner you can let them go, the sooner you can start t9 heal and move forward.

ShatteredSakura posted 1/10/2020 18:49 PM


Sometimes it is difficult letting go of "Karen"

cancuncrushed posted 1/10/2020 20:20 PM

Even monks get treated badly. She was a Npd
It takes years to get over Npd abuse

Its tiring to keep getting over things. For once I would love some karma. he should have tossed her ass. At least then. As he ruminates. It can be with a smile.

[This message edited by cancuncrushed at 8:24 PM, January 10th (Friday)]

hopefullife posted 1/13/2020 07:25 AM

Thank you for this parable. I need to learn how to let them go and be on my merry way

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