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Mod please - urgent

Wiserallthetime posted 4/29/2020 16:49 PM

Is there a way to check on LadyG?? (See post in I Can Relate/Double Betrayal.)


WalkinOnEggshelz posted 4/29/2020 16:59 PM

I have posted the suicide hotline. Other than reaching out and offering support, due to anonymity we are not able to contact her outside of the forum.

LadyG posted 4/29/2020 21:03 PM

I am ok. I touched base with my adult sons. Due to COVID isolation we are all separated. I have had better days. I baked a cake on the weekend and took it over to my sons house. I cannot lean to heavily on my boys as they are also fragile. I have a 12 year old puppy. I share care of her with my younger son. She is with him this week. I will have her back here soon. My dog actually gives me purpose in life.

Shockedmom posted 4/29/2020 21:57 PM

Glad you checked in LadyG. Take care of yourself.

Wiserallthetime posted 4/30/2020 00:12 AM

Thanks WOE.

LadyG - Thanks for checking in. I am glad you seem to be looking toward the better side of life now. Please take care of yourself.

LadyG posted 4/30/2020 02:53 AM

HI all

My STBX is dropping groceries off to me today. I wanted to ask him if there's was any violence or infidelity in his parents marriage. His mother has a very unhealthy attachment to him. He generally runs when I ask him a difficult question regardless of how gently I ask. I wish to spare my own children any further suffering and damage. Blessings

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