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Anyone know anything about gangs?

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WhatsRight posted 11/7/2020 04:14 AM

Jeaniegirl...I see your point.

When we spoke with him about the situation...before we made our final decision...he identified the gang. When he said the name, he turned his head and spoke softly. He was totally ashamed.

He got an Uber and went to the guys place and paid.

He sent me a text afterwards...ĒDone. Itís over. For goodĒ.

He has been a different person this afternoon. Hopeful. Relieved. (His words)

Paying off a gambling debt or something else could also make him feel the same way. I may never know FOR SURE. I totally concede that.

Before he went home to his family this evening, he told me he found out he got a job and starts on Monday. He seems pumped. It reminds me of times in my life that I have been so oppressed by worry and strain, and then it is resolved.

I guess Iíll never know for sure, but I do know - I can tell - that he is out of a terrible situation, and looking forward to living his life unimpaired by this.

Iím going to cling to hope.

Thanks again for your responses.


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