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How do you feel about heights?

DragnHeart posted 11/10/2020 13:12 PM

Ya know those videos you see where someone puts up a ladder and it slips out from under them...

I used to be a tree climbing, hide on the house roof for hide and seek, climbing anything I could (mainly because I'm short and have to just to reach stuff) person.

I just discovered how much I am NOT that person anymore...

Goat shed roof needs its shingles put on. Its only around six feet high at its highest point. First step, tarp it in case I dont get the shingles done at least the wood is protected...mother nature is a bitch! No wind UNTIL I break out the tarp. Fml!

Its bad enough when the ground is soft and one side of the ladder (the A frame one) sinks in and you're totally off balance. Its bloody worse when the ladder just decides to go on a trip on it's own.

I realized what was happening and could shift my weight onto the roof, so I'm half on half off, caught the ladder with my foot as it went over, stood it upright again and slowly climbed down, clinging to the shed as I did.

I wouldn't be able to do roofing as a job!

Tarp is on and stapled down. Have the first lot of shingles on the roof and the bottom layer in place but I'll be damned if I'm going to nail them all down manually. Nope! Breaking out the compressor and air nailer with the roll of nails.

Now to find where wh put the rolls of nails...

I'm sad that I'm not that not afraid of heights person that I used to be. My dd is like that now. She insists on climbing onto the house so she can take panoramic photos if the sunsets....she climbs trees as high as she can go.

Shes My mimi me lol.

I'm ok once I'm ON the roof. It's just the getting up and down part that makes my heart come out of my chest. At least I know that I built the roof really strong since it can support my weight lol.

Anyone else here suddenly become afraid of heights?

million pieces posted 11/10/2020 15:21 PM

Yes! Me too! I used to climb trees, mountains, etc. Last time I hiked up a mountain with my kids and SO, I just about died I was crawling up at a point. My kids were laughing at me. I just couldn't see any of them even remotely close to an edge. Me, I didn't really care. This started when my fearless son was around 3 and started jumping off all things above the ground and just escalated from there on.

tushnurse posted 11/10/2020 15:33 PM

Yah I have never been a fan of going down from up. Getting up cool. Being Up even better, coming down.... Nope that's where I freak out.
Now that my body betrays me walking on flat ground I'm not too confident in it using a ladder, and because sleeping wrong causes weeks of pain now, I'm not for the risk of a fall off a ladder.

Now when my kids were small different story.
They too were fearless. My house has a steep pitch roof 12/12 for anyone that knows about the pitch/run numbers. But I also have a porch that goes all the way around. and it has a much flatter roof, and my kids rooms are upstairs, and they have dormers in their rooms with windows.
Yes when they were 5&3 I caught them running back and forth between their rooms on the roof one sunday morning. The worse thing was the guy who lived across the road saw them a few times before I caught them, and didn't tell me!!!!!

Animals. It's amazing they both made it out alive.

DragnHeart posted 11/10/2020 15:46 PM

My cousin was a tree topper out on the west coast. He climbed up to the top of the trees to take off the tops. He was fearless.

My mom said on his first visit to Ontario years and years ago, they took him to the CN tower in Toronto.

Somehow he managed to get outside and walked around the outside ledge of the tower, a place NOT for visitors!!! I know the man who put in the windows on that tower and he said he was tethered up there. My cousin was not..

I have been up there on thr glass floor and thought it was cool. Not sure how I'd feel now.

DragnHeart posted 11/10/2020 16:02 PM

Funny story.

Wh hates heights.

As in hands sweat gets thr shakes, heart pounds IF he even sees someone on the ladder or roof...

The very first goat shed I built had a long single slanted roof, only the height of a skid on the back side.. Wh thought it would be nice to put on the roof sheathing (large plastic rippled sheets) while I was out shopping.

He tells me later that as he is laying on the roof screwing the sheets down he feels something breathing on his neck. My big buck at the time leaped onto the roof amd was watching him work lol.

Goats are amazing at heights. We have the hay round bales from last year. He put one full bale in for thr goats and before he had the tractor back around the fence one of the goats was already on top of it. He has to make sure he puts it in far enough from the 8 foot fence that they dont jump over.

Jeaniegirl posted 11/10/2020 16:37 PM

I do not like heights. I knew I had to overcome my fear of flying, so I did. But I just cannot climb up high on a ladder and even going up high in buildings gives me the creeps. I once went with a group in NYC to the top of the Empire state building. After we got up there my knees would not hold me up and I had to sit. As a kid I once jumped out of a ferris-wheel as it came down to the platform because I'd been screaming for the guy to stop it so I could get off. When he didn't, I jumped out. The next seat up came down and barely glazed my head. Scared the operator SO much. I was like ... 6 years old and it was a smaller ferris-wheel for kids. I almost gave my Mom a heart attack. I remember I cried and I was mad and I told they guy..."I TOLD you to stop and let me off!"

There is another building in NYC named the 666 Building (I guess that's the address) and when we got to the top of that building's observation deck, I ended up having to actually crawl back to the elevator. My group pretended not to know me.

DragnHeart posted 11/10/2020 16:51 PM


Omg it's a miracle you didnt get hurt jumping off like that.

My aunt and other cousin always took me to the CNE canadian national exhibition, and always insisted I go on scary rides. Luckily for me I was usually to short for the ride lol

My back is sore and I'm not sure of that's from carrying the shingles over or contorting my body quickly to get my weight on the roof as the ladder started going over... either way I'm looking forward to bed.

allusions posted 11/10/2020 17:40 PM

My house is part of a local self-help housing project, where 10 families get together and build our homes as a group, under the instruction of a building supervisor. We had to do most of the work ourselves (not plumbing, electrical, stucco, or drywall) including doing the roof and shingling. I would have an odd experience when getting on the roof. My anxiety level would climb as I went up each rung of the ladder. Then I'd have to lie facedown on the roof for a few minutes until I felt normal. Then I could get up and walk around with no problems. It was only the getting up part that bothered me.

DragnHeart posted 11/10/2020 18:07 PM

Building your own home would be an experience that's for sure and I'd actually enjoy doing the plumbing, electrical and dry walling.

Wh has given me a crash course on the big nail gun we have and wanted to see me use it lol. It has kick. This is going to be fun IF I can get up on the roof to begin with.

DD brought over two more lots of shingles on the sleds for me, damn they are heavy. Hope my back feels better by morning.

DragnHeart posted 11/11/2020 12:44 PM

I did it!

Spent the morning first fixing the horse fence that they leaned over and bent then got to work putting the shingles On the roof in the proper placement.

Fearing I wouldn't be able to reach the far back side with the compressor and air nailer I nailed in the far edge by hand. Had the ladder slip once and get stuck on a Bush so it didnt go all the way to the ground, thankfully. But that wasnt a good way to start the day!

After lunch I got out the compressor and air gun and got to work nailing the shingles down. Tried so hard to remain ON THE LADDER but couldn't reach the middle so up on the roof I went.

Once up there it wasnt so bad.

So it's done. Yay! I'm rather proud of myself.

Theres just some finishing touches now to go. A latch on my peek a boo door, a plexi glass window in the main door, installing the gate for the doe's birthing pen, adding a couple of raised benches and then filling with straw.

Nothing to do with anymore heights lol

Jeaniegirl posted 11/11/2020 13:15 PM

Dragn, you need your own home improvement TV show.

Or at the very least, a YouTube channel!

DragnHeart posted 11/11/2020 13:37 PM

Dragn, you need your own home improvement TV show.
Or at the very least, a YouTube channel!

Lol I think I swear way to much for that.

And I'm actually very camera shy.

I had to sit on the roof for a while once done to prepare myself for the getting down part.

Looking at the ladder and the ground below was enough to make me consider just staying up there lmao.

I had to say out loud over and over that I can do this, I'm strong and capable and I'm not going to fall.

The first step sucked but after that it wasnt bad. I had an audience too. Geese both starting at me, the horses lined up in a row probably taking bets if I would fall and screw up their feeding schedule, the goats just watched while eating their hay and one damn duck who wouldn't shut up.

For now heights ar ever. I still other work to do that involves heights but that's for the spring.

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