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 Anna123 (original poster member #70908) posted at 11:37 PM on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Oh boy ---- now that you ask--- I did a bit of a text response as you all recommended against. (I can't find the embarrassed smiley but that should be inserted here)

I feel I got the chance to say what was bottled up for so many years but as predicted, it made no difference and then for the first time, he was super late paying support this month. There is no way I was going to text him on that so I ended up calling my lawyer. To save me money from him sending a letter, my lawyer had me text cheater explaining legally what will happen if he does not pay me. Just the facts and a deadline.

I had the text all ready to go but was waiting to send it. I had travel plans and was waiting for him to pick up my son at the planned time before I travelled so he wouldn't be able to mess up my trip by backing out if my text angered him. Meanwhile I sent him the amounts of the latest payments he owed for our son for some medical stuff figuring I would get that included in the total before my lawyer took over. (Legally I have to let him know 1st).

I would think he would have wondered why he didn't hear from me or my lawyer about missing the child support and then have me just mentioning the bills instead. Anyway, on his own the day after I sent the texts with the latest bills due, he pays not only the full months support, but the amount I just told him about plus a bit extra.

I have no idea what went on. Maybe he intended to quit paying and then spoke with a lawyer and realized he can't. Maybe he forgot and that reminded him. Who knows. It really sucked for the week and half or so I was waiting!

If it happens again I now have an awesome text ready to go. I am glad I didn't have to send it. I am much more confident after speaking with my lawyer that there is no question, he has to pay or it will really mess things up for him.

Thanks for checking in:-)

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Topic is Sleeping.
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