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Learned helplessness

Gottagetthrough posted 6/2/2020 09:05 AM

Who’s overcome learned helplessness? How did you do it?

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Anna123 posted 6/2/2020 11:51 AM

I did! If I am reading your question correctly. I could go on for hours but it boils down to keeping a checklist, of what needed to be done, and doing it no matter what my emotions were at the time. So I kept going through anxiety, fear, depression, etc. just trusting the list. Keeping going in spite of the emotions was key because before that I found myself being stuck after making progress for a few days or weeks. I figured my future self if I ever felt any better would appreciate the current me at least accomplishing something.

I also listened to Christian radio. I found it comforting and I learned to truly trust God that everything works out and I was taken care of in the really scary vulnerable moments where my list seemed thin and like what ever the current thing on it was too small to make a difference, or to big to overcome.

Most things are pretty doable once you figure it out and gain a bit of experience.

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