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Attention all bus riders!

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letdownandlonely posted 10/20/2015 03:54 AM

First time I've seen this thread, I'm not a NB, but I sure as heck deserve a seat. 10+ yrs

Should I ever leave my seat, TBH its just sooooi comfortable, I'll be tipping everyone on the bus not just the driver.

trying to smile posted 10/20/2015 22:16 PM

Ok guys, I hope your bus is either amphibious or can fly because I'm waiting here in Oz with my ticket clenched tightly in my hand.


ADryHeat posted 10/21/2015 12:25 PM

How long must one wait to claim a bus ticket?

Itiswell2015 posted 10/22/2015 00:56 AM

I am just halfway to becoming a bus rider lol! See you all soon

luvbug0915 posted 10/22/2015 10:50 AM

ADryHeat, I believe the criteria is 6 months if I'm not mistaken.

However, I need clarification from the other passengers about rules for exiting the bus.

If the bus slows down and opens the door but you fail to get off (see what I did there?), is it technically a bus stop? The passenger I was with hopped off before me and I couldn't catch up. That damn bus dragged me half way around the block before I got my footing back and the driver was able to shut the door. If this counts then I've been on this bus for 17 months, if it doesn't count then it'll be 2 yrs in the next week or so.

ChewedMeUp posted 10/22/2015 11:24 AM

Best thing about being on the bus - I have a new puppy, who is a joy, and makes me so tired I'd be on the bus anyway, but now I don't have to argue with anyone about it!

TrustGone posted 10/22/2015 12:51 PM

Hi Chewedmeup...I have a new puppy too. Maybe they can play and wear each other out because I am tired of being his new chew toy when his puppy GF isn't around for him to play with. Also just made some salty carmamel brownies and boy do they smell yummy. I'll pass some around and they are also calorie free so eat as many as you want.

devotedman posted 10/25/2015 11:23 AM


love the phraseology. In my opinion, since we're all responsible for our own footing (see what _I_ did there? ), you exited the bus at the wrong stop and caught it again, later.

Now that we've got a running board to step out on and permission to hang our heads out of the windows in a most dangerous, exciting fashion I'm finding the bus both more comforting and more thrilling!

[This message edited by devotedman at 11:24 AM, October 25th, 2015 (Sunday)]

nekorb posted 10/26/2015 19:33 PM

Hi everyone!

Violated - where exactly is Feliz Navidad taking place? We will head there immediately.

I'm thinking letdownandlonely should have FaithFools gold plated seat since she is no longer using it. 10 years seems like it oughta get you something.

Trying to smile - this bus is the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang of busses. We can fly, sail, whatever the hell we want. We even have those airlift things that let the bus tip down to the sidewalk for easy on and off.

ADryHeat - yes, the criteria is 6 months of celibacy before being permitted to ride the bus. As for those...stops...or bumps...or detours...I'm not clear on the official rules. I've not been driving the bus very long. Maybe an old timer can clear it up for us?

All you new puppy owners, please make sure you scoop-dee-doo after your pals have finished playing in the dog park on the third level. There are bags and a can for your convenience near the door, right next to the cupboard with the dog beds in it.

Devotedman, I'm glad you are comfortable and enjoying the new running boards. Do you like how they light up at night?

Halloween is just around the corner, people. Pumpkin carving should be complete before Friday evening so that we can display the jack-o-lantern masterpieces in the bus windows as we travel down the road. Anyone know how to bake pumpkin seeds? I've tried in the past, unsuccessfully. It would be a fun treat to have on the bus if someone is willing to give it a try.

devotedman posted 10/28/2015 20:53 PM

Armored glass running boards that light up along the edges. I feel like I'm flying!

[This message edited by devotedman at 8:53 PM, October 28th, 2015 (Wednesday)]

MTHunter55 posted 10/28/2015 21:04 PM

Can I get on the bus??? It has been a year now for me!!!

TrustGone posted 10/28/2015 21:55 PM

Sure you can MTHunter55. We always have room for one more to share in all our adventures. As for my puppy his leash has poppy bags attached and he has his costume all ready for Halloween. He is going as Tiger because he hops around so much when he plays. You will all just fall in love with him. He already has a nicer wardrobe than mine, right down to his PJ's with a monkey on the butt.

Jewel925 posted 10/28/2015 22:45 PM

Making myself comfy in the front of the bus (you don't want me to get bus-sick do you? ) Been here since 2012 and, since I decided to convert to Catholicism, I'm gonna be here a while.

[This message edited by Jewel925 at 10:46 PM, October 28th (Wednesday)]

ADryHeat posted 10/28/2015 23:23 PM

ADryHeat - yes, the criteria is 6 months of celibacy before being permitted to ride the bus. As for those...stops...or bumps...or detours...I'm not clear on the official rules. I've not been driving the bus very long. Maybe an old timer can clear it up for us?

Hmmmmm.... So is the line at penetration? Sorry..I need this clarified. I've only been celibate about 3 months and it FEELS like 3 years.

nekorb posted 12/27/2015 02:02 AM

Holy Cow! The Bus was parked back on page 13 or something ridiculous!

I just want to say, that I am definitely moving to a more healthy place in recovery becasue I am starting to RESENT the Bus on a pretty regular basis!

Alas, there has been a delay in the proceedings, and I'm going to be here for quite some time yet, so....we may as well drive around and look at the Christmas displays and other Holiday Happenings before they get taken down....



ADryHeat - we may have to institute fines for using words like "penetration" on the Bus.

xswimmer posted 12/27/2015 07:25 AM

Sure, let's go look at the lights.

My New Years resolution is to have a date, which may eventually at some point, years from now, let me exit the bus.

nekorb posted 2/14/2016 19:42 PM

I had to bump this for Valentine's Day.

AND to report that I am horrified at my subconscious.

I had a dream about my ATTORNEY the other night! It wasn't a sex dream, but it had more closeness and togetherness than belongs in an attorney-client relationship! He was warm, and he smelled good, and his shirt was soft...(and he's happily married, with kids, and he's my *attorney*!!!)

oh lord help me....

:::fanning self:::

FaithFool posted 2/14/2016 19:56 PM

I'm a month away from reclaiming my seat.... hope someone will keep it warm for me.

Now nekorb, refocus. Go watch some Better Call Saul.

[This message edited by FaithFool at 7:58 PM, February 14th (Sunday)]

nekorb posted 2/14/2016 19:58 PM

It's been dipped in gold, FaithFool. It's beautiful. And it has a seat warmer. I hope you like it if you end up back on the bus!

Now nekorb, refocus.

No shit. Like, before I see him in court again! lol

[This message edited by nekorb at 7:59 PM, February 14th (Sunday)]

TrustGone posted 2/14/2016 22:25 PM

God, I can hardly remember when the last time I had a good dream about a man. My attorney was probably one of the ugliest men I had ever encountered, he was a bulldog and looked like one. So no dreaming about him.

I am tired of being on the bus. I have never went this long without since I was 16. If Faithfool doesn't make it, I want her seat.

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