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Ashley Madison is going down

usedupmyhope posted 7/20/2015 06:56 AM

I just read this report early this morning, and I know that there will be a large number of people smiling about this.

Thinkingtoomuch posted 7/20/2015 07:13 AM

Yes. I'm looking forward to this. It could be a big deal too. Just think of the ramifications. At the least I hope it kicks up alot of dust and many people sweat for days.

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oodlesofnoodles posted 7/20/2015 07:49 AM

Very interesting... looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Are there other websites similar to AM, though?

NeverAgain2013 posted 7/20/2015 08:01 AM

Bahahaha. I remember a few months ago a story about them being hacked, and sensitive payment/account/personal info had been compromised. I guess the hacking team that did it decided to sit on their information cache for a while.

I figured there were a lot of cheaters out there sweating bullets when THAT news hit the streets a few months ago.

I'm laughing even harder now, knowing some of their 'clientele' had their worst dreams came true and some of the info WAS indeed published, even though it was shortly taken down by pervert-boy who owns the site and his legal team.

Damn, that's entertaining.

usedupmyhope posted 7/20/2015 08:08 AM

Actually, it was another site, adult friend finder which got hacked last time. This is a much bigger deal as they apparently stole every bit of sensitive data from the servers.

If you read the threat, the hackers are only interested in shutting the site down!

LonelyDad posted 7/20/2015 08:14 AM

Already know ex is there and i actually really hope they release it.

Maybe then i can finally get a bit further i the truth and healing. Cause there is none to be found from the ex.

Western posted 7/20/2015 09:05 AM

For once, I am pro-Hacker. bankrupt these idiots. Then bankrupt some of the users too

usedupmyhope posted 7/20/2015 09:22 AM

Seriously, I think that anyone who actually meets people through Ashley Madison needs their head examined, especially if you're a woman.

nononsense posted 7/20/2015 09:36 AM

Unfortunately, if it is shut down, with the success they had in making money, another will pop up, as if there were not others already.

look at how many cheater apps there are and a new one every day.

deephurt posted 7/20/2015 12:41 PM

I hope all the users are published where EVERYONE can read who they are. They all deserve to be outed. Hopefully if another site comes up, it is hacked and taken down also. I wonder if the owners of this site can be sued for the damage that they cause families just by being available. Any lawyers on here know if thats possible?

houseofpain posted 7/20/2015 15:56 PM

I put a dummy ad on there with a dummy pic back in 2009 because I suspected that my WS was using AM and I was checking to see if he would answer my ad.

I can't remember what information I used, my log-in or anything. Gee, I would hate to show up as a user on that piece of garbage website!

Chicky posted 7/20/2015 17:20 PM

deephurt - I'm not an attorney but my fWH is...or was...decided law isn't his destiny...don't ask

But I would think, with my limited knowledge, that when one signs up for a site like that they accept the inherent possibility that something of this nature could happen and that by agreeing to the terms and conditions, they would not be able sue.

However, I also believe that they could easily get an attorney to take their case and prove whatever damages. At which point it would then be up to the judge and jury to further interpret whether or not the company IS in fact liable.

Lawsuits like that happen all day every day so one can hope that any BS that suffers damage because of their WS's actions does have legal recourse.

kansas1968 posted 7/20/2015 18:04 PM

Yes, I had a big chuckle about this. Would be nice if the hackers posted all of the "clients" names on facebook!

Skan posted 7/20/2015 20:16 PM

Well, my, oh my. What a DAMNED shame! Drat those pesky hackers! And their little manifesto too!

Gotmegood posted 7/20/2015 20:57 PM

Bravo. So pleased!

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