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T/J What's your family and friends opinion on telling BS ?

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Dorothy123 posted 9/20/2017 18:30 PM

I would like to point out a sad irony.

There is a thread in R now that is burning up titled

"BS's, would you choose to not know? "

At least 95% of the BS whom responded to the thread stated that they would like to know.

How sad and ironic that non BS's are so tight lipped.

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Trust55 posted 9/20/2017 21:44 PM

i wished someone would've told me.
I put one of his SD cards in my computer and got the surprise of my life.
March 19 the day i found out!
15 months of cell records back OW was everywhere.
I'm still working though my anger and hurt.

Dorothy123 posted 9/20/2017 22:22 PM

Isn't that nice when the CS is risking the BS's life........

"Not using comdoms/protection during A is like...."

.........people ,who know of the A ,just stand around and throw their hands in the air and say "none of my business".

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PricklePatch posted 9/20/2017 22:45 PM

I liken this to your friend telling you she is being beaten. Then goes back to the boyfriend and your the ass.

Would I tell yes. Would I want to no. I would expect to be cut out of there life.

thebighurt posted 9/21/2017 13:58 PM

I don't need to speculate or pretend to know if they would or not, I KNOW FOR SURE!! Someone in my immediate family told me two or three months after xpos's admission on DDay that maybe I should have been told two years earlier that I knew he had a 'girlfriend'! But, then, I am beginning to suspect that this person is a sociopath. I know for sure they are totally controlling at least.

I have learned on the years since that all of my close friends have been affected by infidelity or have children or someone else close who has been, so I have to believe they would have told. Hell, even many close to us professed to being totally shocked when they learned what he had done, even when it came from his mouth, so he hid it well. Some still believe he knew it was a dealbreaker for me and he only said it to give me a reason to accept that he was leaving. But I know better, especially now that I know it went back nearly 30 years that I can prove.

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