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Just saying hello

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ChangeMe1 posted 10/25/2017 10:14 AM


You've said you just don't know.

That's okay. That in itself proves you are not cold and heartless. If you were, you wouldn't stay, you would walk without a second thought because living with your situation would be too much to want to put up with.

So if you aren't cold and heartless maybe you are scared. Maybe you are scared that you are making the decisions for the wrong reasons, maybe you're scared that this situation isn't really how you think it is, thag you're missing something. Maybe you are scared that all these people who think you should go only really know what you tell them, maybe you worry you gave them a false picture and so their advice is skewed.

I say all that because that's things I would think and from other posts I think maybe you and I think similarly sometimes.

The thing is, unfortunately only you can change how you think about that, and one thing you can do is keep posting. Because if you are true to yourself, you post honestly then you'll start to trust that the advice you get is based on your honest view of what you see. And the more you start to see that the more you can start to trust your inner voice, not what people are telling you but that your inner voice, when you don't over think it, when you don't second guess and rationalise, when you listen to that voice before it says something, when it's just a feeling, that one is telling you something important.

Wool94 posted 10/25/2017 16:43 PM

There is no such thing as karma. In Christianity believing in Karma isn't following God's Gospel. The Gospel is rebirth. To be made new. Every single one of us can be made new. Every single one of us.

Quote of the day^^^^

Iwantmyglasses nailed it!

IceThee posted 10/26/2017 17:31 PM

I'm falling asleep AMF, but I still wanted to say hi and you've been missed. More later (((AMF)))

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