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Weather wuss!

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looking forward posted 12/22/2017 08:27 AM

H is outside shovelling......joining him soon....gotta find the end of the driveway

....then we're walking to our local coffee shop, Tim Horton's....I hope we make

I'm not dissing my American cousins here....found this....

2 hours later:
Looks like we made it! (Thanks, Barry Manilow)

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DragnHeart posted 12/22/2017 08:35 AM

Went out to feed/water the animals then go get the paper that was delivered last night. I'll be breaking out the blower so WH can get in the driveway without using 4x4. Snow is supposed to stop this afternoon but be replaced with freezing drizzle. Yay. I'd prefer the snow.

Candyman66 posted 12/25/2017 22:49 PM

Here it is on Christmas day and the wife and I and both grandkids went and played miniature golf in shirt sleeves. Then the grandkids rode the go carts (twice) and then (grandkids) went rock climbing. (at the same place). Yup winter can get REALLY tough out here in San Diego!!!

(and I wonder why nobody likes me )

DragnHeart posted 12/28/2017 07:54 AM

Christmas Eve and all of Christmas day it snowed. Constantly. All...Day...Long.

By Boxing day morning we were snowed in fairly well. Took over an hour to clear the driveway WITH the snowblower. WH using the large one while I got out the small electric to do around the house. The kids shovelled. It was a family event. Now it's just cold. Like minus 30 cold.

I'm so ready for summer.

EvenKeel posted 12/28/2017 08:06 AM

It was a balmy 1 degree for my morning commute.

Good news - no shoveling needed....yet.

CharliB posted 12/28/2017 08:21 AM

Balmy -29 where I am right now.

Chrysalis123 posted 12/28/2017 09:05 AM

I'm sorry, it's going to be 80 here today.

CharliB posted 12/28/2017 09:15 AM

I booked my trip south in Feb

Candyman66 posted 12/28/2017 16:06 PM

Just walked outside and looked. 83 right now at 2:00pm. Like 10 to 15 degrees above normal, no rain for over 200 days and the state's largest fire ever is now finally mostly contained. I love the weather here but it's not normal.

Jeaniegirl posted 12/28/2017 16:47 PM

Candyman, you better shush before you have a herd of snow-covered people coming at you like snow zombies, led by Dragnheart with a snow shovel.

looking forward posted 12/30/2017 10:26 AM

@ all you SIers who are in warm and sunny spots!
From a fellow SIer who says....

New thread? or start venting in pics!

CharliB posted 12/30/2017 18:05 PM

I hate snow

DragnHeart posted 12/30/2017 18:44 PM


Locking ones keys in the truck when it's -16 outside is NOT a good idea. And to make it worse I had thrown on my shoes cause I was JUST going up to the store which is, by truck a one minute and 45 second drive BUT is a good 15-20 minute walk.

Thank goodness for a kind hearted man who drove me home to get the spare set of keys.

On a positive note I met a very nice neighbor, got to ride in a very fancy truck and my foot is finally thawing (ten minutes trying to use a clothes hanger to unlock the truck was enough to freeze my toes).

DragnHeart posted 12/31/2017 09:57 AM

Candyman, you better shush before you have a herd of snow-covered people coming at you like snow zombies, led by Dragnheart with a snow shovel.

I'd probably bring the snow blower. It can shoot snow really far. And since we now have two gas ones WH and i can have the ultimate snow fight.

looking forward posted 12/31/2017 12:30 PM

It was so cold this morning that the front tires on my son's SUV were flat. He inflated them, and was driving his wife to work when the passenger side rim came off!

As my son added in his message.....

Candyman66 posted 1/1/2018 09:13 AM

I love the winter poem!!!

LilBlackCat posted 1/1/2018 22:43 PM

This is from 12/30 at Mission beach.. It was a nice day at 80 degrees..

[This message edited by LilBlackCat at 10:43 PM, January 1st (Monday)]

steadychevy posted 1/2/2018 07:43 AM

Just read this thread for the first time. Last week hit -38C. -40C and -40F are equal on the thermometer. I think it hit a high of about -29C that day. But the sun was shining bright - for a little over 7 hours.

Still have to feed the cows. But I've fed when it's sub -40C. Everything's fragile at those temperatures so need to be careful about using hydraulics and speed. Cows and calves are fat and sassy with good hair coats. They jump and buck and run when they feel good. A real joy to watch them. My biggest issue is keeping the waterers open so the cows and calves can drink.

We're forecast to have a few warmer days this week and then back into the deep freeze.

Heat and humidity kill me. Maybe I could adapt. Maybe not.

looking forward posted 1/2/2018 20:04 PM

I booked my trip south in Feb

We did too! Looking forward is looking forward to a sunny and hot Caribbean island week with her hubby. Will share my annual sobriety pic in the sand...

Jeaniegirl posted 1/2/2018 22:36 PM

Okay enough of this sub zero weather! I have one large golden retriever in one bedroom and one in another bedroom. And a mom cat and two kittens in my bedroom. It's too cold for them in garage. The Goldens like being outside but it's just too dang cold, especially for the older 13 year old. I'm living in a zoo.

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