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StillLivin posted 1/20/2018 12:29 PM

I've been Type 2 for about 10 years. I was able to successfully manage my bg and A1C for 9 of them. Due to a quack doctor who knew little about nutrition and diabetes in general, I almost died. He took me completely off medication and my sugars sky rocketed.
Basically what tushnurse is saying. If you're diet was crap before you were diagnosed, then DMW is correct too. I've done a modified version of AIP/Paleo/Mediterranean for a few years. Since I was military for about half that portion of time, I did high cardio for an hour a day along with weight training of some sort (think pull ups and CrossFit isometrics) 3-4 times a week. I still became diabetic and my lifestyle did NOT reverse my diabetes before it began.
It is manageable. Read as much as you can, and then fact check. Keep a journal of what you eat, an app would be even better. I avoid ALL processed foods. Before taking on 7 classes last semester (gonna toot my own horn 4 A's and 3 B's), I was strict with my carb intake coming mainly from veggies and some fruit. Until school, I consumed zero sugar (unless it came from my fruits and veggies), and I was low carb. Consume mainly olive oil and other oils like it. Cut out completely processed meats. Opt for leaner meats, fish/seafood and poultry with a rare steak, burger, or pork. If you are really hooked on burgers, see if bison meat suits your palette. I think the most important thing I do is cover about half to 2/3 of my dinner and lunch with veggies (and over half of that with non starchy greens of some kind).

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Minnesota posted 2/19/2018 11:29 AM


My wellness appointment is at the end of March.

But my blood sugar levels have been great. I even ate a doughnut today. (don't tell Tushnurse.) One every now and then is ok. One every day is probably a bad choice for me. But even after the doughnut, my bg was 157 an hour afterwards. That's not that bad. The weight is continuing to come off, which is going to appease my pancreas a bit and make it not as pissed at me. My next phase is to get back to walking. When I lost my infidelity weight, I walked all the time. It's harder when I have custody of Big Mister, but I need to figure it out.

But dang I'm pretty proud of my numbers.

ZenMumWalking posted 2/19/2018 11:32 AM

woohoooo MN, you're rocking it!!

Are you taking the metformin or just doing it naturally?

tushnurse posted 2/19/2018 15:34 PM

Clearing Throat......

I even ate a doughnut today. (don't tell Tushnurse.) One every now and then is ok

I believe that is exactly what I have told you..... Everything in Moderation.

Have you considered a big wheel/tricycle for him, or even a bike w/ training wheels? Or how about a Gym w/ child care??? Most of the chain gyms have child care included, and is only $20.00 per month. That is only 2 meals when you eat out, and you should be avoiding that anyway....

You are doing great. And yes, while a doughnut a day is a really bad idea, one a week well, it may be ok, or a half of one, along w/ some protein is even better.

Cnograts on the progress Min!!!

Minnesota posted 2/19/2018 21:57 PM

Mum- I'm NOT taking the metformin. All natural.

Tushnurse- bikes and trikes in mn right now are not practical. Too much snow. But.... i COULD pull him around the lake on his sled.

ZenMumWalking posted 2/20/2018 05:38 AM

I'm so pleased to hear this MN, and I would be willing to bet that your care providers will be very surprised to see such a quick turnaround without meds or following their eating plan!!

Any kind of movement/exercise will help to move sugar into the muscles and so that lowers your blood sugar as well. It doesn't have to be 'formal' exercise to have a beneficial effect.

Keep rocking it, you're doing GREAT!!

ArkLaMiss posted 2/20/2018 11:57 AM

Tushnurse, care to send me the diet advice, too? I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with all 3 kids, and am wanting to clean up my diet and habits so that I don't wind up in meds!
Sorry for the tj!

WorldTraveler23 posted 2/21/2018 05:00 AM

Me too Minnesota.

Two things Iíve learned while researching: walking for 10 minutes after each meal is more effective at lowering blood sugar than one long session per day. So maybe when Big Mistwr is with you, you can take him for a short walk after the meals you eat together? My boys go with me on their scooters.

Also, anything over 140 is ďsaidĒ to be damaging. So ignore that 180 number!

Iím mostly vegan so this is hard but Iím living on veg burgers/ tofu alongside roasted cauliflower and broccoli for lunches, and a huge salad for dinner. Carrots donít make my sugar high but sweet potatoes do, weird. Also raw carrots with some hummus mid day. Iím staying under 140 for now.

7 pounds lost, 40 more to go.

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