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25years For nothing

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Marz posted 3/21/2018 21:40 PM

You're doing well for it to be so early.

Wax that baby up!!!! Nothing like washing and waxing a nice car.

What you discovered is the X was a want not a need. They never are.

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fareast posted 3/21/2018 21:42 PM

Great to hear you are doing well. You have more strength than you know. Best wishes to you and your son as you move forward.

M1965 posted 3/22/2018 10:37 AM

Many thanks for the update. I was wondering how you were doing. I am glad to hear that your journey is continuing so positively. Everyone here wishes you well, I know that for sure.

Please do pop back with regular updates. Many people are rooting for you, and they will want to know how you are. And for any new arrivals in the forum, your story shows how a person can rise out of infidelity to a better place than they were before.

Take care, Weaver. You're a good guy, and I am glad things are coming together for you.

Jduff posted 3/22/2018 11:07 AM

Great update, Weaver.

How is your son doing so far?

Weaver2018 posted 3/22/2018 11:24 AM

My son he is doing well so far, he is back sliding a bit but I have to keep on to him about doing his chores. His grandparents still try to work with him during the day. But, again today is going to be rough on him as she is coming to pick him up this evening. I actually feel for him when that happens. But, she chose this and he just has to deal with her being insensitive.

Me I am doing great today.

pureheartkit posted 3/22/2018 12:03 PM

Weaver, your life is on the steady path to better and better. It's all because of you. So look at all the hard stuff you went through and give yourself some credit. I'm glad you are looking at fun things like fishing.

It's nice to be at a place of calm and looking forward to improving things. Life should be positive. Happy for you and your son.

paboy posted 3/22/2018 13:05 PM

im one who is plugging for you. Love hearing how much progress your doing. Great news!!!

Wool94 posted 3/22/2018 19:03 PM

So happy for you.

TimelessLoss posted 3/22/2018 19:39 PM


I just want the pain to stop I don't want to hate but its eating me up inside...
Me I am doing great today.

Lots of healing to do for sure. But you have a plan, a way forward. And you created that even when you had been brought to your knees.

Something very resolute in your makeup Weaver. I expect you will thrive in the future you have planned for yourself.

Plus you have that bitchin' car dressed out with those wheels you're going to detail

Weaver2018 posted 3/23/2018 18:24 PM

Still on a positive roll, I still have fleeting moments when the past pops up but I push through the pain and move forward.

My son is doing better, and I tell him every day I love him and remind him how important he is to me.

So here is a question for everyone. I have 3d printers and I made a badge to go on my car.

A friend named my car Karma. So I downloaded the dodge letters and created a 3d model and printed it to go on my car.

The question is another person said that by naming my car "Karma" I am screaming that I miss her and want her back.

I perceive the name as it being Karma that gave me the gift of the car and eventually will pay her in turn.

So what is everyone's take on this?

I have not mounted the badges yet but seeing both sides of the fence, I want to see how everyone here sees it and if it may be detrimental to my healing?

Thanks in advance...

The1stWife posted 3/23/2018 19:12 PM

Your car - your viewpoint.

Itís the only one that matters.

Can be misinterpreted? Maybe. But who cares?

Karma by definition is you get back what you put out. I donít see an issue with it. You are not directing it at her but people can look at things any way they want.


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WhatsRight posted 3/23/2018 21:48 PM

All I would want to remind you is that anger, resentment, revenge, desire for karma...that is all part of the process.

But it is not the opposite of love.

The opposite of love is indifference.

At least in my opinion, indifference is what we should aim for.

Good luck to you!

Jduff posted 3/23/2018 22:07 PM

So I downloaded the dodge letters and created a 3d model and printed it to go on my car.

I just think that, in it of itself, is just awesome. That isn't something people generally think of as a theme on a muscle car.

If it reminds you to stay strong, do it. I myself could give two shits what it means to anyone, as long as it means something...and to you it means -

I perceive the name as it being Karma that gave me the gift of the car and eventually will pay her in turn.

Sound good enough to me!

Shoot, I bought me a an EVH guitar after my D as a gift. I've wanted one since they made them. If I were still married to XW I would have probably used the money to buy her a new she could sext more POSOM's without my knowledge.

paboy posted 4/25/2018 12:40 PM

How are things Weaver? How are you and your son? Hope all is well, and that things are progressing forward.

paboy posted 4/30/2018 13:46 PM

Weaver. Things ok there?

Weaver2018 posted 5/24/2018 08:30 AM

Its been several weeks since I posted here, I am doing well, My son has come to terms with a lot of things as well. He is doing better helping around the house. I have only had one text from the ex and it was her complaining about having to pay for my sons Meds. I ignored it and have not replied.

Mothers day she came and picked up my son and took him out to supper. Oddly nuff he asked her if she was happy and she said she was happy enough. He asked her would she ever ask to come home and she said no I have hurt your father too much and he would never trust or accept me ever again.

Which is the truth, I have been doing some soul searching and so many things have come to light since her leaving that I could never take her back. In fact right now I am in that state that I don't hate her but I don't love her either I am just done with her and moving on.

Still enjoying the Challenger. I have started saving and getting ready to start redoing inside the house in August.

I have however made a few lady friends but realized I am just not ready to date. So its good to have new friends.

I still want to thank everyone here for all the help in the beginning it was a rough road there for a while but I am doing so much better now days. Thank you again for all your help.

MrMagnolia posted 5/24/2018 09:13 AM


I've read through your thread a couple times and really appreciate the update. I'm also happy to hear it seems to be a positive one.

It sounds like you have become the master of yourself and that's really encouraging to hear.

overit62 posted 5/24/2018 11:24 AM

weaver I'm glad you are doing well and hope it continues. Don't be discouraged by any setbacks
and keep plugging away to a better life.

TimelessLoss posted 5/24/2018 11:55 AM

He asked her would she ever ask to come home and she said no I have hurt your father too much and he would never trust or accept me ever again.
This has the potential of planting a seed for the emotional manipulation of your son. That he would act as the go between to broach the subject with you. In its worst form it causes him to conclude that you are the one standing in the way of his mom coming back home. I say that it only has the potential of planting that seed. If she brings it up again then she is on a path that can lead to alienation.

Stevesn posted 5/24/2018 13:07 PM

Iím glad you have found peace and are moving forward again.

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