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25years For nothing

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HopefulJourney posted 8/12/2018 00:46 AM

Happy you made it through, Weaver, you did a great job and were openly vulnerable with your feelings. That helped your healing. Also think you are wise to not respond to her letter. Itís a fishing expedition to see where you are, she may be sorry but the letter is manipulative at its core. I hope you and your son keep living your best life!

Weaver2018 posted 12/6/2018 08:36 AM

Well gang, 1 more month til I can file for divorce funny how fast a year goes.

Here are some quick updates.
Unfortunately recently I had to talk to her due to issues with my son. She tried to play the love our son card. I pretty much shut her down quickly and because she was talking to me on the phone about our son her POS told her to pack her bags and get out. Fast Forward 40minutes later she calls me and asks if she could store stuff in my shed. My reply to her goes as follows.
" Hello, (her) hello, (to me) he has told me to pack my things and that i have to get out because I talked to you. Can I store some of my things in the empty side of the shed until I can move to (out of state) with my parents. (ME) Why would I do that after what you done? Why would I even entertain that thought when you thought so little of me 10 months ago. (HER) Because you are a good man. (ME) Yes I am and you should have thought of that before you betrayed me. So the answer is no. (HER) I understand, I am so sorry I just have to get my things together to move to my parents. (ME) Sorry that is no longer my problem and not even on my radar anymore. I am going to ask you the same question I asked you 8 months ago when you got your corvette. Are you happy? (HER) No, I am not but I bet that makes you happy. (ME) No it doesn't make me happy, you not only destroyed a family you broke my heart as you were my best friend and I lost that 25yrs of someone to confide in and trust and you destroyed all that. So no I am not happy about that but, now I really just wanted to see if what I told you had come true and it has. All I can say now is I wish you neither ill nor good I just wish you the life you deserve as you are no longer even on my emotional radar. But at least I know KARMA is doing her job...need to pay her a gratuity if I ever see her. (HER) "Sobbing" I am so sorry...(Me) Yes we know this and when you decide to apologize don't worry about letting me know. You no longer have the right to even presume you think to ever know who I am. Take care and I wish you the life you deserve CLICK!

I have not heard anything more from her. My son said the last time he was with her she looked haggard and distraught. She asked him how I was doing and he told her that I seemed really happy and was actually rebuilding the interior of the house. He said she started crying and apologizing to him. He said he told her I love you but mom you know you did this to yourself. Dad has found someone and he has been like a kid in a candy story as he has been super nice to me. He said at that point she paid for dinner and did not say much more til she took him home.

Remember, doing nothing and no contact is great, I am now enjoying not only a new relationship with a beautiful woman that truly loves me and shows it with every minute. I get to see Karma do her job in rewarding those that betray me so I whole heartedly believe in Karma.

Take care my friends I will keep in touch.

twisted posted 12/6/2018 08:49 AM

It seems saying "No" is the hardest thing some people can do, and it's why we end up in a trainwreck time and time again.
Congratulations for realizing the best thing for you is not letting her back in your life.

[This message edited by twisted at 9:20 AM, December 6th (Thursday)]

GoldenR posted 12/6/2018 08:50 AM


You Da man, brother! Rock on!

fareast posted 12/6/2018 10:21 AM


Good to hear a positive update. I was thinking of you earlier this week, that your year in limbo would be up soon in January and you could file for D. Still enjoying your Challenger ďKarmaĒ? You predicted all of this would fall apart for your WW last February and you were spot on. She did it to herself. Good luck with the D. Be sure your WW is required to take her share of the debt she dumped on you. Sounds like her parents will keep her financially secure so she can afford to take the debt. You did very well with no contact and moving forward.

Falc posted 12/6/2018 10:34 AM

Man, I hope to God I can be where you are a year out. Reading posts like these really give me somewhat of a good outlook that I can come out of this shit storm too. Very happy for you and your son. Onward and upward.

paboy posted 12/6/2018 12:07 PM

yeeehaaa... your post made my morning.. really great that things are going extremely well for you. Onward...

goalong posted 12/6/2018 15:59 PM

Best of luck to you . Have pity on her. Some time nature take over the commonsense and civility and now she is paying the price for it.
Falc, do not delve on your WW affairs, it is negative energy and from my personal experience I know it is very damaging to the self. Live your life to the best you can and whatever happen to WW you will eventually get to know

[This message edited by goalong at 4:00 PM, December 6th (Thursday)]

ShutterHappy posted 12/6/2018 16:34 PM

In the long run, cheaters donít get what they expect, they get what they deserve

Buster123 posted 12/6/2018 21:25 PM

Excellent Weaver !!! I remember your story well, how could your WW be so stupid to leave the stability you provided to run with a convicted felon !!! well cheating is stupid so anyway, good for you, file next year and don't look back.

DeWittle posted 12/6/2018 22:07 PM

2/27/2018 you stated:

I asked her on the phone after telling her she was removed from the insurance and such if she was happy. She said "I think so!" I said your stupid, this is going to blow up in your face in the next 6 months and of course your parents are going to come to your rescue. But I want you to stew over what you have done. I want it to eat at your gut like a sour pill to know you are never welcome in what used to be your home ever again. I said "have what ever life your going to have I am moving forward without you and I will be happy so much so it will make you sick."
You certainly knocked that out the park.

Iím happy for your new found happiness.

Jduff posted 12/6/2018 23:47 PM

FUCK-ING-A, Weaver. You are the MAN!

Mene posted 12/7/2018 19:54 PM

Your response to her was brilliant! Just brilliant! Well done. Enjoy the rest of your life. You deserve happiness.

Weaver2018 posted 1/15/2019 22:46 PM

Well Gang it has begun, Monday I went and had my lawyer file the petition for Divorce. Immediately after I contacted her so that she could go pick up her summons at my lawyers office. FF next morning she calls and tells me she cannot go pick it up at the alloted time. So I said go get it Friday then. After that text she texted me and said that she knew what she did was awful and that she did not hate me.

Meanwhile my retort was not so kind. I queried her to ask after a year I deserve a honest explanation.
She had started Menopause, her hormones were out of whack and this guy made her feel feelings she had not felt in years. She made up with him as she had no place to go her parents said she could come home but they were not foot any bills for her.

Back up a couple weeks, her parents called me after 9 months. Her dad told me that she was only welcome there because she was their child but they could not abide by what she had done. They continued to profess they were sorry and hoped I was doing well.

So in my retort to her I simply said so your telling me because you started menopause and were horney you decided to throw away a 25yr marriage. You decided to abandon your child, your dogs, your parents your brother for a roll in the hay with a POS convict. I reminded her all I had ever done for her. Then I thanked her, for thinking so little of me, her son, her dogs her family and her dream car. ((Oh yeah the Corvette is gone. Because the POS convict could not fix it or afford to fix it. Funny how that is. That car was all she dreamed about now its gone.)) I told her thank you for wasting 25yrs of my life and treating me like a heart beat to a paycheck. I thanked her for waking me up and realizing what a truly ungrateful self centered hateful human being she is.

Right now she is hating life, her greener pasture has turned shit brown. Her bed she made is on fire and not in a good way. He is controlling as I said before in other posts he has her phone tagged, he can show up anywhere she is to check on her. He does not want her talking to me or her son. He constantly fights with her. Oh and here is really sad part, she looks like crap. When she left she was 47yrs old and looked in her late thirties, early 40s, last week she looked older than me more like in her early to mid 50s. I find it funny how Karma deals it's punishment so quickly.

Its been a rough couple days she has been texting me since I started the petition. Not sure why really guess she is hoping I don't go after her POS. However, my lawyer says there is a 3yr statute of limitations on it and if I decided to go after him like say he wins the lottery I can still take him for all he is worth

Anyway, I am doing well and 38 more days and I will finally be free of all the BS and Lies.

Stevesn posted 1/16/2019 06:57 AM

Good to hear from you and that you are getting out from her Infidelity. So sad how she so blatantly and adamantly followed this asshole out of her M and family.

So people just canít get away from their own stupid actions.

I do hope she can get away from him though. Can she not afford her own place? I know itís not your circus anymore but I do feel sad for your son to have his mom in such a poor living situation.

Anyway, great job and I look forward to your post that says you are a fully free man.

Take care.

Wool94 posted 1/16/2019 08:24 AM

Fantastic update!

annb posted 1/16/2019 09:13 AM

Thanks for the update!

It will be a huge relief when this chapter of your life is finally over.

Now you can begin a new life without the drama and toxicity. One day at a time.

Curious9 posted 1/16/2019 09:53 AM

Good for you. I bet that felt great getting that off your chest. Hopefully she will sign those papers as soon as possible.

The sooner you can close this door the better of you will be.

ShutterHappy posted 1/16/2019 10:51 AM

The POS is keeping tab on her because.... sheís a cheater!

Cheaters donít get what they expect... wait I already did say that

On the small positive side, she realizes the hurt she caused

Your next step is to move from hate to indifference, you donít need those negative feelings in your life.

[This message edited by ShutterHappy at 10:52 AM, January 16th (Wednesday)]

Weaver2018 posted 1/16/2019 11:26 AM

Morning Gang, I forgot to mention in my post last night because my GF called that I have actually started doing the goals I mentioned earlier.

I have been rebuilding my credit..whoot whoot..its climbing slowly but steady.

I have at this point completely redid my living room. Tore down the paneling, replaced the insulation and put up sheet rock.

I have modification parts on the way for several of my 3d printers and Karma is getting a new exhaust in a couple weeks when they arrive.

I got rid of the two yippy dogs sent them to be rehomed, my house smells so much better.

So getting a lot done..:)

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