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25years For nothing

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paboy posted 1/16/2019 12:38 PM

Had to grin about the dogs... And wow the house upgrades sound really great.. Your a man of your words. Set goals and are achieving them. Best of all, out of infidelity like a 'boss'.

Hope your WW finds her feet. Good to here about the 'karma' bus although it seems its now reversing back over her.

Furious1 posted 1/17/2019 19:42 PM

I'm late to the party, but congratulations on making it through that nightmare.


Jeaniegirl posted 1/17/2019 23:00 PM

Weaver, I've not commented on your posts before.

I just have to say I'm more concerned, being an animal lover, that the doggies got a good home - than I am concerned about your ex.

You've had a long road and I'm happy for you. Continue to give your son undying love and he will be fine.

NotTheManIwas posted 1/18/2019 03:38 AM

Reading your story is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for sharing, man.

M1965 posted 1/19/2019 08:01 AM


Many thanks for the update. Like everyone else, I am glad to see how well you are doing. Life has many good things to offer you, and you certainly deserve them.

I think it can be hugely helpful for people to read threads that contain follow-ups and updates, because they show that things can work out, that life goes on, and there is light and more at the end of the tunnel.

Good for you, Weaver. I hope you will come back again and let us know how you are.

BBBD posted 1/19/2019 09:16 AM

Pay it forward by sharing your story with anyone who is in the Dumps after D day.

pureheartkit posted 1/19/2019 09:20 AM

Things sound good. You sound positive and your house projects are going well. I hope your sons mom can get away from the OM and start over too. She made a huge mistake and injured you in a cruel way but perhaps shes served her time as it were. You suffered but now have a good life. It's only getting better. You never quit even when you felt defeated.

babayaga posted 1/22/2019 15:10 PM

Thank you for sharing your story and for the update. My Dday#2 was less than a month ago (rugswept Dday#1), and reading your post from a year ago, and recent update is very encouraging.

Good on you!

NEPAlady posted 1/24/2019 21:16 PM

Thanks for sharing your heart with everyone.
You showed that the rollercoaster ride comes to an end eventually.
I particularly admire your “Plan the work, work the plan” propelling you forward during the hardest times.
Wishing you all the best in your new beginning.

LivingWithPain posted 1/25/2019 13:49 PM

Weaver congratulations on moving forward.

As for your answers to your WW's messages, I know you are angry and you have every right to be. But you have expressed your disdain of her. You got it out of your system. Now you need to move on and channel that anger into positive pursuits. Stop going off on her. She got the message.

Next time your WW contacts you, keep your answers to her strictly business. The more you harp on her and tell her what an asshole she was to treat you the way she did, all you are doing is providing her with ammo to use against you.

[This message edited by LivingWithPain at 1:49 PM, January 25th (Friday)]

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