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Dreaming about WS

hopefullife posted 11/3/2019 00:29 AM

I've dreamed about my STBXH 3 days straight now. 2 with the OW, 1 only with him. 2 was about he and I talking aboht our lives while he is still with the OW. 1 was about him being remorseful and wanting to get back together.

It's my subconcious I know. Halloween holiday must have triggered me to think about him more than I already am. But i so wish it will just stop. It's been 2 months of separation and I never once dreamed of him until these past few days. It's bad enough that I think about him while awake but I am so furious that even in sleep I can't even get peace. I long for the nights I just have a good night sleep without any dreams at all.

I'm sorry, just venting.

EllieKMAS posted 11/3/2019 01:15 AM

If you aren't already, get some sleeping meds. I am 3+ months out from S and still knock myself out every night. For a while there I was really not sleeping well and that is so bad for you in every way.

I'm a little groggier in the mornings, but at least I do get some quality and usually dreamless sleep (tho I did have a dream about killing him and skanklet AP a couple weeks ago that freaked me out because I woke up laughing... that's probably not good). Next to staying hydrated and eating something, sleep is my number one recommendation to everyone here.

pureheartkit posted 11/3/2019 05:39 AM

I think it's good. Your mind is feeling it can bring these feelings up out of storage and work them through. It's letting you know the truth of where you are. Gain what wisdom you can by looking at the details of the dream and don't worry. Dreams come in cycles.

PSTI posted 11/3/2019 10:38 AM

I still dream about my xH years later. I am frustrated and angry that he gets to still take up this real estate in my head and there is nothing whatsoever I can do about it.

Fantayworld posted 11/4/2019 09:10 AM

This is totally normal albeit frustrating. I still dream about my exNPDWH too and I've been physically separated for almost a year. But it seems to lessen over time. I used to dream about him nightly but now it's a few times a month. It's terrible to wake up with him immediately in my thoughts.

I also suggest a sleep aid. I haven't slept the same since D-day 3.5 years ago.

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