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I dont know how to search- how to recover whatsapp

Maudlin posted 11/17/2019 00:11 AM

I hope this is unnecessary but a friend saw some concerning messages on her husbands WhatsApp and then he deleted the whole application...


How to get it back? I know there have been posts here on programs to use but I donít know how to search this.

Any advice appreciated.

Ichthus posted 11/17/2019 02:31 AM

my understanding is, if you get the phone it was originally installed on. Install it again, you should get the option to restore all the old messages.

Darkness Falls posted 11/17/2019 07:52 AM

I think thatís only if automatic backup was turned on but Iím not sure.

LLXC posted 11/17/2019 19:49 PM

Depending on the settings your friend's husband had, she should be able to get old messages off Google

Otherwise, if her husband didn't delete the file folder, when he redowbloads WhatsApp, he has to rename the oldest file in the WhatsApp file folder. Then the consumers lder messages will reappear. But you can't get threads that were on his phone more than a week ago

Justgetitoverwith posted 11/17/2019 22:32 PM

How do you get them off google,LLXC?

My phone died at the weekend and I thought I'd lost everything. When I logged in to WApp on the new phone, most of the messages came up, apart from maybe the past weeks worth. I'm assuming that's when the last automatic update was, because I don't remember setting updates manually.

Obviously I hadnt reinstalled the app again after it being deleted, but I'm assuming it works the same.

LLXC posted 11/18/2019 10:44 AM

I gotta confirm, so I will get back to you on it. But if he backs up his WhatsApp messages to Google, which is the factory settings for WhatsApp, the messages are saved to Google drive.

LLXC posted 11/18/2019 10:48 AM

Sorry. Just read your message again. If you downloaded WhatsApp to your new phone and one week's messages weren't there, then most likely those messages were not uploaded on to Google drive. I will check to see how you can check Google seive

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