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Justin Timberlake

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crazyblindsided posted 11/27/2019 15:32 PM

Cry Me A River

Just another celebrity turd!

OptionedOut posted 11/27/2019 15:33 PM

Chaos is right. Alcohol doesn't make you do things you don't want to or wouldn't do anyway. And this thing that happened while drunk? It's clearly happened before this. This instance isn't these two cheaters first rodeo together.

I hear Jessica has a post nup.

Barregirl posted 11/27/2019 18:39 PM

This story has been proven false. The shot was a still from the movie he is shooting.

ann1960 posted 11/27/2019 23:18 PM

Whoa, what?

This is proof one more time betrays IT'S NOT OUR FAULT! Even the most beautiful, glamorous, rich get betrayed, it's about the betrayer! They are broken, feel entitled (especially public people-husband included), have very bad values, and THINK THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO GET CAUGHT (key by the way.)

Yes...It's easier to cry in a mercedes than a volkswagen, nevertheless the hurt is just the same. Being all these amazing things do not give you protection against IF.

Why was no one talking about her and why she would allow that hand on her leg?

cocoplus5nuts posted 11/28/2019 07:16 AM

This story has been proven false. The shot was a still from the movie he is shooting.

Well, fuck! That is why I don't follow celebrities. You never know what's real with them.

Rideitout posted 11/28/2019 10:10 AM

Honestly, once someone hits a certain net worth i just assume they're constantly into some eyes-wide-shut shit, so I'm never surprised by any of the news about them.

Your likely right more than you're wrong making that assumption. The richest guys I know, almost without exclusion are also the guys that are into all kinds of craziness. It's too easy for them, too available, and too tempting because, much like entertainers, they spend all their time on the road.

I'd like to think that I'm better than that. But that would be a lie. If I had women throwing themselves at me like a famous entertainer does? IMHO, it's only a matter of time. And that's more often than not true, anyone care to guess what the A rate is for a rich, famous, 30-40 year old married actor/entertainer/sports celebrity? I shudder to think about it, but if it wasn't "more common than not" (50%+), I'd be shocked. Where 90% wouldn't shock me at all. A lot of A's, especially for men, come down to opportunity. You provide 10 opportunities every single day of the week for years on end? Good luck.

Gottagetthrough posted 11/28/2019 17:16 PM

A friend added that he will spend forever making it up to his wife and they are laughing it off.

If itís something they are laughing off, why would he find the need to spend the rest of his life making it up to his wife?

Sounds like my Wh. ďI canít go back to work and see (ow) after you asked about my text!Ē (Saying he loves her)

Then.. ďitís such a little thing, I tell everyone I love them! Donít you feel stupid, itís a big nothingĒ

Well, Wh, if itís nothing why are you quitting your job over it?

[This message edited by Gottagetthrough at 5:17 PM, November 28th (Thursday)]

sewardak posted 11/28/2019 20:44 PM

Iím not seeing where itís been proven to be a still.

undertherug posted 11/29/2019 04:19 AM

Yeah, I haven't seen anything debunking the photo either.

layla1234 posted 12/4/2019 20:12 PM

He just released a statement and holy crap, it is dripping with waywardness. It's amazing how much infidelity has opened my eyes.

HellFire posted 12/4/2019 20:22 PM

No, Justin dear. It is not the rumors that are hurting the people you claim to love. It's your actions.

Funny, how your co-star felt comfortable enough to have her hand on your inner thigh. I take it she had a lapse in judgment as well? Bullshit.

deena04 posted 12/4/2019 20:34 PM

This is why I cannot follow celebrities. It drives me crazy how often this happens.

sewardak posted 12/4/2019 21:14 PM

So much backpeddling by people who are ďin the know.Ē Right. More like damage control

Hg65 posted 12/4/2019 22:36 PM

Nope. No way. My very best friend in the world is male and I have NEVER touched him like that.

Walloped posted 12/5/2019 05:54 AM

Maybe that explains why he he held hands or why he let her put her hand on his inner thigh. It does not explain why she felt comfortable enough to do so.

A very wise person said this earlier.

Bull or not, he says he was drunk. Was she drunk too?

Itís all crap and PR spin because theyíre worried people will find them distasteful and ignore the movie theyíre making. Which is why in an apology to his wife he throws in a comment about the movie heís filming. So, wife and family are hurt and your apology to them is, in your eyes, the appropriate place to plug your film? WTF is wrong with people?

layla1234 posted 12/5/2019 06:51 AM

Maybe that explains why he he held hands or why he let her put her hand on his inner thigh. It does not explain why she felt comfortable enough to do so.

This is the big sign I knew that there was never NC. He claims she never approached him ever during the affair. The day after he takes the poly, she approaches him and he lies about it. He only told her to go away because he was worried he would fail a future poly. He lied to me for two weeks about this contact. I forget how I found out. Too many lies to muddle through.

BetterTimesAhead posted 12/5/2019 16:50 PM

I think I need to send him a copy of Not Just Friends. He has some reading to do.

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