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Holy knock me off the bed...

DragnHeart posted 1/13/2020 20:34 PM

Wh has been having those body jerks when he falls asleep. I've read they are called Hypnogogic jerks and are totally normal. He says he feels like hes falling. It wakes him right up from him being in a deep snoring sleep. Its said they are common.

Is it normal for the jerks to damn near push me right off the bed???

This is good cause to request separate beds lol.

Hes actually bruised me with the leg jerks. Hes smacked me when his arms go. This more recent stuff is full body, wakes me up and I find myself trying not to actually fall out of bed.

Perhaps this is his unconscious way of getting back at me for knocking him off the bed once when a spider dropped from the ceiling and I very quickly moved back to avoid being the spiders trampoline lol.

And I wonder why neither of us ever feel rested.

Lionne posted 1/13/2020 21:05 PM

I often have hynogogic paralytic dreams. They are just awful, a feeling of shear panic, a knowledge that I'm asleep, but panicking about nothing. If I could just move a pinky finger I'd wake up and all will be well. I think I'm screaming, but am not.
The jerking happens, too and it is quite strong, but that seems to be more related to muscle fatigue. Stretching leg muscles, increasing minerals, magnesium, potassium can help some people.
I have these more often when dealing with stress. From what I've read it's an evolutionary reaction, to what I have forgotten, haha. And I should have grown out of it.
There can be a genetic link, my son has them, too.

Apparently, I was supposed to grow out of this.

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DragnHeart posted 1/13/2020 21:11 PM

This recent stuff has had me thinking back when my ex had a seizure. Wh scared me that was having one when I first woke up.

It's been every night. Sometimes multiple times.

Is the paralysis thing that you know your dreaming but cant wake up?

I have that. I'll.realize that theres.something wrong in the dream. (If its here at the house the layout is backwards or my living room is my parents living room) and I'll know I'm dreaming but cant wake up.

I've had the falling feeling. I've read that you always wake up before you hit the ground because if you hit the ground you die.

Theres reference to the fall waking you up in the movie Inception. Awesome movie. Dreaming within dreams.

I would be ok with this new full body jerking thing if it didn't leave me with bruises lol. He kicks hard!

Marie2792 posted 1/14/2020 04:53 AM

I suffer from this. It doesnít happen often but it scares the crap out of me when it does. I havenít hit my husband or bruised him. But I feel like Iím falling and my body moves involuntarily. I never discussed it with the doctor I assumed it was part of my fibromyalgia as I never had it before.

DragnHeart posted 1/14/2020 05:02 AM

Hmmm maybe I get bruises because we always snuggle up to sleep. And since the jerk thing happens as you fall asleep that's why I get hit.

This morning he said he laid down and didn't remember anything after that. He put on a movie, I had been laying with my head on his chest. Then got up when my shoulder began to ache. He didn't remember that or me taking off his glasses or talking to me and this time didn't remember the jerk even though that's what we talked about when it happened. Weird lol

tushnurse posted 1/14/2020 07:22 AM

This sounds more like a sleep disorder than just simple jerking.

You mention snoring, so does he snore a lot? Do you notice a pause in his breathing when sleeping?

All those things would lead me to wonder if he has OSA (Obstructive sleep apnea) wich can lead to more jerking movements, and/or RLS (restless leg syndrome) which is often worsen by poor nutrition, and low iron levels. Given you live in the "Great White North" I would get him some iron, some Vitamin D, C, and Magnesium supplements and see if that doesn't resovle it over the next couple weeks. IF it does NOT then he needs to be seen by a dr and have a sleep study.

DragnHeart posted 1/14/2020 07:31 AM

Tush I was hoping youd stop by.

His breathing seems laboured when he snores. Or just lays on his back. Like his chest really sinks in. I have actually been watching him sleep to see if he stops breathing. I read that oxygen deprivation can cause the jerks to be worse. I have not noticed him stop breathing but it IS laboured. His breathing us calm with little snoring if hes on his side.

Also he has bad restless legs in the evenings. Omg he cant keep them still in bed. Constantly shakes a foot or moves his legs around.

He never feels rested even if he is in bed a good 10 hours. Hes on B12 shots. That's helped with the constant tired feeling and falling asleep at the table. I'll pick up the other things. See if that helps too.

He has indicated I snore horribly lol. I will wake myself up with snoring. I also wake up feeling like i cant take a breath in. We compliment eachother well lol. When I'm snoring badly it keeps him awake and when he snores badly I csnt get to sleep

ShatteredSakura posted 1/14/2020 08:43 AM

Get a bigger bed?

I think I have had this happen to me over the years a few times. That sensation of waking up but feeling like you're free falling is really whacky. Once or twice WW did it too and boy was that a wake up call.

My Mom has been suffering from RLS since June, around when my grandfather (her father) passed.

[This message edited by ShatteredSakura at 8:43 AM, January 14th (Tuesday)]

DragnHeart posted 1/14/2020 08:51 AM

Get a bigger bed?

Lol. We actually have a King mattress downstairs. It's the frame we need. Wh suggested just turning out queen sideways to get the length needed and put the king on top. Would work. He also wanted to but the queen bed from the trailer beside ours to make a Huge bed lol.

I'm not sure if it matters but wh uvula will swell up at times. I believe it's an allergic reaction since if he takes Benadryl the swelling goes down. That always makes for a bad night breathing though.

He doesnt jerk as much if I'm holding his hand or have my hand on his arm.

I have hurt him with a leg jerk once. I kicked backwards and got him good. I didn't wake up so I dont think I was having that falling feeling.

tushnurse posted 1/14/2020 14:16 PM

He needs a sleep study. The whole RLS thing screams sleep disorder to me, then you mention easily

He has indicated I snore horribly lol. I will wake myself up with snoring. I also wake up feeling like i cant take a breath in. We compliment eachother well lol. When I'm snoring badly it keeps him awake and when he snores badly I csnt get to sleep

Sounds like my house.

Seriously though if he won't go for a sleep study, I would see if you can get him to lose 10lbs, and to take some iron, magnesium, and Vit D supplements to see if they improve things overall.

DragnHeart posted 1/14/2020 14:21 PM

I'll get him on iron magnesium and vit d but honestly I just got him to gain some weight.

He has a habit of losing weight any time hes stressed. The hospital meningitis thing saw him lose 20+lbs. Bastard! Lol. He loses it and I gain it.

So he now has a bit of substance to him instead of the bony, can see his ribs and backbone thing. He is a bit chubby in the tummy but its not like hes changed pant sizes or anything.

He does need a follow up with our family doctor but ya hes stubborn and wont go until his prescription refills for his meds run out. That's months away.

TheLostOne2020 posted 1/14/2020 15:31 PM

I'm not an expert, but if you both are snoring, then I'd definitely second the recommendation for a sleep study.

Get on a CPAP machine, the snoring will stop and you'll get a better night's sleep. I've been doing it for almost half a year - the results are dramatic.

I went from having no energy to having some - also my muscles wouldn't feel 'tired' or 'strained', if that makes sense.

DragnHeart posted 1/14/2020 16:03 PM

I'm all for a night away for a study lol

I'm not going to push wh. I'll suggest it but I feel that the meningitis and spinal thing made him totally lose faith in doctors.

He doesnt think he needs to be on anxiety meds. He said he wasnt anxious in the hospital. He was in "fucking pain".

I haven't slept well since the fall back in October. Still in pain. Lots and lots of pain. Just trying to manage as best I can without taking as many opiates. The one day I was hurting badly and was in tears at day I took the T3, morphine and a double dose of extra strength advil and it didn't help. Figured if all that didn't help nothing would.

As long as I can avoid the hits form wh jerking I'll be happy. If that means my own bed, or just a king that's ok with me lol

tushnurse posted 1/14/2020 20:15 PM

Honey never take more than 800 mg of ibuprofen (advil) at one time. That's asking for kidney damage.

DragnHeart posted 1/14/2020 20:25 PM

I know.

Back when I had that horrible sinus infection and was drowning pills like candy the ER doc said I was going to kill myself with the kidney damage.

It's just when you're in so much pain and the opiates arent even working....ya consider more permanent solutions....I wouldn't wish this shit on anyone.

Wh is laying in bed trying to make himself do the jerk thing ...its funny. He says he'll just lay there and see if it happens....I'm like honey that's not how it works lol.

DragnHeart posted 1/15/2020 08:32 AM

So I watched wh sleep last night. Slept on his side. No snoring. Still had jerks in his arms (if we spoon this is why I get smacked in the back of the head) No full body jerks though.

Is snoring nasal based or throat?

Remember I said his uvula swells up. It can be so big it rests on the back of his tongue. Since he made no noise while on his side I'm wondering if its him trying to breathe past that dingle berry when hes on his back lol.

He did seem more rested this morning.

cocoplus5nuts posted 1/15/2020 09:11 AM

It's normal to snore on your back, but not 0n your side. I make my fch roll onto his side because of his snoring. I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea and use a cpap. My fch says I still snore.

The body jerks that are so violent they almost knock you off the bed are within normal, too.

Line, I used to have really bad night terrors/sleep paralysis. My son's says, if your eyes are open in your dream, close them. Mine stopped when my therapist told me it was fear. They would only happen when my fch was deployed. I decided it must be fear of him getting hurt and not coming home. Haven't had an episode since. That was 10? years ago.

DragnHeart posted 1/15/2020 09:50 AM

We've been together since 2006. This has been the first in all those years hes had full body jerks. And not just one or two but nightly for a couple of weeks or so. Last night was the first in a while he hasn't.

I wish i could not dream. Last nights was stupid! Went downstairs. All of a sudden a fire breaks out around me and i cant get to the extinguisher. So i run up the stairs, the fire following me like arms climbing the walls up the stairwell. I get to the door and there is DS. He asks me why I'm upset. I say get away from the fire and he looks past me down the stairs and says what fire. I see flames all around his head and he doesnt see them. That's when I was like ok I'm dreaming. But I cant wake up. The fire is still coming. Luckily in the background I hear:

"May the force be with you" over and over...its wh Yoda clock going off. I wake up and smack Yoda on his head lol.

million pieces posted 1/18/2020 18:11 PM

Ok, first of all, thinking sleep apnea with the snoring...

But because I did work for a neurologist for several years, it is common to have seizures in the transition to sleep. And it is very common not to remember anything after a seizure. Is he under the care of a neurologist?

DragnHeart posted 1/18/2020 19:30 PM

Ok, first of all, thinking sleep apnea with the snoring...
But because I did work for a neurologist for several years, it is common to have seizures in the transition to sleep. And it is very common not to remember anything after a seizure. Is he under the care of a neurologist?

The past couple of nights he hasn't had that full body knock me around jerk. Just smaller arm jerks. Legs restless as usual. Snoring isn't much.

Not seeing a neurologist. He hasn't even been back to see the family doctor, not that his doc said to come back but because of the back pain he is willing to see a chiropractor and his vision has changed since the meningitis so he wants to see our optometrist. It's just been crazy over the holidays and him working 13-14 hours plus covering for others on vacation that's made getting the time to make an appointment a pain.

Is it a seizure if he wakes up due to the jerk feeling like hes falling?

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