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Wife of 2 Years and Emotional Affair

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throwmeawaynow98 posted 5/27/2020 20:50 PM

Anotheron3, so happy that you are out of infidelity and are now divorced.

I can unfortunately relate. Was told in November my wife wasn't in love with me and that she loved her co-worker, that they had kissed repeatedly and there was touching at least once. I felt worthless and disrespected and found a therapist before the holidays.

I'm waiting on my decree in the final, final phases but am almost in the clear. I too met someone during the separation/filing process, on a random Monday night when I least expected it. We went out a few times before the pandemic and have talked daily since then (but haven't been together in person since early March). She has no idea how much she means to me already.

My marriage lasted just about 15 months, and again, I commend you for getting out of infidelity. I read your story and thought of myself a bit. My ex has not reached out in a long while, and when she did, it was about selling the house, furniture, etc. but please block her and her family on everything that you can. It will help with the healing.

Cheers to a new chapter and happiness, go crush it.

Anotheron3 posted 5/28/2020 12:49 PM

Thanks Brother. I'm sorry you're in this boat and am glad to know I'm not in this alone.

Pretty much am cut off from her and her family. Now just need to let time sink in. There will be days where it will be hard I'm not going to lie. But overall, this was much better than the hell I was put in.

I'm happy for you too. Being free feels amazing.

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