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Can you tell by WH's voice when he's talking to a woman?

WaryOptimist posted 4/24/2020 16:26 PM

I have so rarely been wrong with this. It's so noticeable that it's a female on the other end. The softer tone, the politeness for want of another word. SMH.

Does anyone else relate to this?

PSTI posted 4/24/2020 18:05 PM

Nope. My husband and I both talk to people like people. You can tell from the degree of familiarity how close the person is to us but not the gender.

A friend should be a friend, regardless of gender.

Hopeful30 posted 4/24/2020 18:09 PM

Yes. My FWH does his also. It is something that I brought up to him. He said that wasnít true. Yet I was right 100% every time.

Marie2792 posted 4/24/2020 18:34 PM

Aside from his mother and our daughters, he has very little interaction with women. His industry is male dominated. I canít tell the difference.

Anna123 posted 4/24/2020 20:42 PM

I could always tell when mine was talking to a woman, even female relatives. One of the ways I started to be suspicious though was when he mentioned the OW, who should have been another work associate, there was just something off------

WhoTheBleep posted 4/24/2020 21:08 PM

Definitely. My STBX had a completely different voice with his buddies, and another with female relatives. (He never talked to ow around me). The voice I got? Unemotional, abrupt robot. (after D-Day, when I went back and looked at the call logs, I was usually interrupting a conversation with one of his ow. That stung. (30 minutes with her, 2 abrupt minutes with me, then he would call her right back for another 40 minutes...)


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20yrsagoBS posted 4/24/2020 21:48 PM

WH degrades females. Itís always about their appearance with him. Ick

Northerngal posted 4/24/2020 22:03 PM

I always know when heís talking to a woman. His mother, his sister, work related females, his admin. Before the affair as well. He never spoke to the cow in front of me - that was the run outside and talk in the yard or the car, for a long time. And texted constantly. But he wasnít cheating, I just wasnít supportive of his job. Eye roll. His behaviour was bizarre that whole time, I feel so embarassed that I didnít dig. I was paralyzed with fear.

Now, even befor quarantine, if heís working from home, I hear every call, heís just not secretive or hushed about any of it. Heís very loud. But no question I know if itís a woman.

Jesusismyanchor posted 4/25/2020 20:51 PM

I bet we all do it in some form or another if I think about it. I speak differently with my female friends, my kids, my mom, men I work with and so one. I had the same experience that during his A's he did not talk to me in front of them at all. That was actually one of the red flags if I think about it. He was not comfortable with that. That was the one person I never heard him chat with.

cocoplus5nuts posted 4/27/2020 10:08 AM

No, but my H doesn't talk to other women on the phone.

I can tell when he's lying, though.

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