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Quick question broken toe?

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DragnHeart posted 6/7/2020 16:33 PM

Is anything done for a broken toe?

The last of the other couples mares was being picked up yesterday. Needless to say things didn't go well. She wanted no part of the trailer and had some major freak outs and is still here until they can get a stock trailer instead I'd a 2 side by side.

One time she reared up, stepped back and fell over and got up stepping on wh foot in the process.

His baby toe nail is black and blue, his toe is swollen and purple. He can walk. Says it hurts.

We all should have been wearing our steel toe boots but none of us thought she would be such a handful lol

Wh doesnt want to get it checked because hes scare of going to the hospital with the covid thing and says they eont do anything anyways.

That's true right? Even if it's broken theres nothing they will do for it?

WaryOptimist posted 6/7/2020 17:33 PM

When it's your baby toe that's broken/sprained, they will tape it to the rest of your toes and foot until it heals, nothing more.

You can do it yourself and save a trip to the doctor.

Your WH will soon realize how much that little toe does, in terms of balance and stability!

DragnHeart posted 6/7/2020 18:29 PM

Thank you. I just wanted to confirm.

It's all bruised at the base of the next toe too.

Looks nasty.

Of course he got off a bit better maybe than the horse. At one point she totally went nuts down the side of the driveway, reared and came down on a bush in front of the fence and tried to then jump both. She managed to get over but got a nasty gash on her underside from the Bush that I put meds on. The guys gave up at that point figuring that she was stressed enough and they'd come back with a different trailer. Plus they had such bad rope burns they were all just done lol.

Catwoman posted 6/7/2020 18:35 PM

There's little that can be done. Splint it with the neighboring toe. Ice and elevation. Rest. That's really it.


DragnHeart posted 6/8/2020 03:46 AM

Thanks Cat.

Hes going to have a rough day being in his feet at work in steel toe boots. Just putting on a sock this morning was bad.

tushnurse posted 6/8/2020 08:10 AM

Yup. Buddy tape it to the next toe. Rest elevation, Ice.
That's about all you can do.

DragnHeart posted 6/8/2020 08:16 AM

Thanks Tush!

He didn't stay off his foot. Wanted to get things done around here. We wont lose the chihuahua in the grass anymore. But he did put his foot up later. He wont let me tape it. Wont let me near it lol.

somanyyears posted 6/8/2020 08:17 AM

.. OMG.. that is unfortunate..

I recommend 'immediate amputation' ..
from the neck, down..
to prevent that gangrene stuff from setting in!!

You don't want to take any chances here!


DragnHeart posted 6/8/2020 08:19 AM

Lol smy

I'm sure if it gets worse he will give in and see a doctor.

Westway posted 6/8/2020 17:11 PM

Not much you can do with the baby toe. I've rebroken mine three or four times. Sometimes the bone ends heal over like with mine, and you just end up with a floppy nub. It doesn't really hurt.

DragnHeart posted 6/8/2020 18:09 PM

Surprisingly he was ok at work in his work boots. As long as he doesnt touch it he says it's not bad. Putting on, taking off socks us brutal.

The baby toe just seems to have no use but when hurt it's amazing just how functional it is lol

I took a bad fall today. Left side is really hurting. Ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, fingers and thumb...thought for sure I broke my ankle but it seems to be just sprained...joy. so wh and I are down for the count lol

wildbananas posted 6/9/2020 10:10 AM

Funnily enough, I have a banana who broke the middle bone in her pinky toe a couple weeks ago. I had to take her to the doctor so she could have a note for work but yep, they just taped it to the next one. They also put her in a boot and said she needed to wear it for 3-4 weeks. Sadly, she can't wear the boot at work, so the doctor told her to wear sturdy shoes that don't bend much.

DragnHeart posted 6/9/2020 10:13 AM

Oh I'm sorry your banana got hurt!

Perhaps wearing the steel toe boots helps because they are tight and dont allow much movement. He seems more sore walking around in his slippers than all day at work in boots.

Still wont let me tape it.

wildbananas posted 6/9/2020 13:44 PM

She caught it in the laundry room door when she was closing it. I told her this was not going to get her out of laundry in the future.

DragnHeart posted 6/9/2020 16:40 PM

Oh cool. Glad my kids aren't the only ones who pull that oh I'm to hurt to work excuse.

I allowed the kids to swim with the expectation that they clean the house and do their chores before dinner....reminded them plenty of times.

Ended up having to do the psycho mom scream before they'd do it. Glad its thunderstorming tomorrow. No pool! Of course dd kept complaining of a headache and DS said I was being unfair...

Marriagesucks posted 6/9/2020 17:35 PM

Funny story... Many years ago my oldest...my daughter stubbed her big toe bad on the baseboard going into her room. Back then we didn't have a lot of money... especially for trips to the emergency room.

So I had my daughter lay down on the bed... I got a firm grip on her big toe (I actually thought it was dislocated) and firmly snapped it back into its original upright position.

Her toe started to swell so just to be sure we bit the bullet and took her to the ER for an x-ray.

The doctor finally came in with x-ray in hand and said good news... not broken.

I carefully looked at the x-ray and asked the doctor what was that line going across the bottom of her big toe. He studied the x-ray further for a minute or two and finally mumbled ... well...if it was broke you did a damned fine job of setting it. When we got home we taped it to the toe next to it.

HeartFullOfHoles posted 6/9/2020 19:21 PM

Ended up having to do the psycho mom scream before they'd do it.
Why go there? Chores are done before dinner period. If your chores are not done when dinner is ready then you don't get to join the family for dinner until they are done. If dinner is over then they can find the leftovers in the fridge that they can warm up themselves and eat at the table by themselves.

Set the rules and deliver the consequences. No need to get upset. Of course you need to make sure your spouse supports you.

DragnHeart posted 6/10/2020 04:31 AM

Some days are just like that. Sorry not super mom here.

And I have kids who are fine without eating dinner. That's not a consequence, that's a bonus.

Wh couldn't get his sock on "right" this morning. The baby toe is swollen and I think it's making his socks feel weird. The bruising has spread to the base of the next toe on the foot.

DragnHeart posted 6/14/2020 20:58 PM

Old owners and new owners all arrived today to pick up the mare. Again, same 2 up trailer. Again the mare would have no part of it. This time wh got kicked in the knee. He wasnt even doing anything. Just in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Toe and top of his foot still bruised, sore and swollen. Now add a bruised knee.

And that's after smashing his thumb while putting in a T post with the post pounder...somehow his hand slipped and his thumb got pounded....

He is not having a good time.

Marriagesucks posted 6/14/2020 22:38 PM

Reminds me of 'Murphy's Law'

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