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Charmedwren posted 6/14/2020 05:27 AM

I canít stop laughing.

STBXH & OW have moved in together. Good luck to them. Late last year I bought myself a new dog. A French bulldog which I wanted for years. OW got herself one too about a month later.

DD told me this evening that OW suggested asking me to look after her dog whilst they all play happy families on a trip to Noosa. She used to be my friend. Until STBXH decided he wanted to fuck her too. As well as other APs. Fuck them.

Yeah ok lady.

LadyG posted 6/14/2020 07:19 AM

Getting the same breed of dog as you, that is creepy.

It dawned on me, that I hope to god that STBXWH never spoke to exAP About my dog, she is precious my fur baby.

It was bad enough my DS was forcibly introduced to IT. exAP looked a hell of lot like late FILís old red setter hunting dog. STBX saw the resemblance.

The1stWife posted 6/15/2020 05:32 AM

The OW clearly has self esteem issues. Sheís very concerned about your presence. You make her feel threatened and insecure.

Good for you!

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