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Life Changes

jrc1963 posted 6/22/2020 12:44 PM

I'm in the midst of a new life change. I'm 51... I've been a Special Education Teacher for 18 years now. This year I was "non-reappointed" at the school I was teaching in for the last three years. That essentially means that I have to find another teaching gig this year at a new school... I'm still employed by the district for now.

I've really been weighing all my options at this point... do I want to stay in education, do I want to stay in public schools vs. private school/charter school... do I want to stay in this area of the country or move... If I move, do I want to continue teaching.

I've done 10 different interviews at 10 different schools since June 1.

All very stressful... even if it's exciting...

But, for some reason, I went from feeling stressed out/anxious/nauseous to feeling zen/peaceful/accepting... I can't explain it... wish I could.

tushnurse posted 6/22/2020 13:03 PM

Sounds like you have accepted that change is coming no matter what, but based on the number of interviews you have had, you know that your options are plentiful and you will be able to make a choice you are content with, and if not there will be more choices for you.

(((And strength)))

jrc1963 posted 6/22/2020 13:25 PM

Thanks Tush!!!

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