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This is the man I chose...

Hurtmyheart posted 7/13/2020 16:19 PM

This is the man I chose to marry.

This is the man I chose to trust.

This is the man I chose to give my soul to in marriage to love and protect.

This is the man I chose to spend most of my time with and made plans to spend my future with.

This is the man I chose to share my bed with and be intimate with.

This is the man who I chose to have two children with.

This is the man I chose to buy a home with.

This is the man I told I loved and gave hugs to and thought the world of.

This same man who I loved dearly chose to hurt me over and over and over again.

This is the same man who chose to flirt with other women and devalue me.

This same man chose to have an emotional affair with "a women friend" and sex on 2 separate occasions with another women (I suspect there were more).

This same man constantly lied to me.

This same man caused me serious trust issues and depression.

This same man caused me such horrible heartache that I developed PTSD & panic attacks.

This is the man whom I chose to call my husband in good times and bad times, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

LadyG posted 7/13/2020 16:47 PM

I under your choices.

Been there.

No one will understand the options you had before you.

No one has the right to judge your choices.

I will add... This is the man I chose to Divorce 🙏🏼

Lost2760 posted 7/13/2020 16:51 PM

I feel your pain with every word. Iím so sorry you find yourself here. Yes you chose.

But he also chose, he chose to hurt you and put you and your relationship where it is. His actions make you feel this way. He chose wrong.

Now you can CHOSE. You can chose whatever it is that makes you happy with or without him. Choose yourself. Whatever you need.

Easier said than done. I hope you find peace and healing and happiness for yourself. I hear you and I am with you. (Hugs)

Hurtmyheart posted 7/13/2020 16:51 PM

LadyG, my husband passed away 4 months ago tomorrow. Still reeling from the pain he caused me prior to his death.

Sometimes it takes awhile to realize our truths.

Throwaway999 posted 7/13/2020 16:59 PM

I just saw this...itís brought me to the tears I have held back all day. I donít even know what to say...but I get it. I hear you and I feel your pain.

You know I have had a hard day also...with my new discovery of more affairs...we did choose these men but we didnít choose our paths.

Sending you my thoughts and hugs

Hurtmyheart posted 7/13/2020 21:15 PM

Throwaway999, I'm glad you were able to release your tears. I know that this journey that you are on is tough for sure. As you know, I've been there also. We gave our all to men who couldn't give their all back to us. It's not our fault who they are/were.

I also believe that it is very important to figure out why we would attract this type of personality in the first place. I'm will on my way to figuring it out. I have a feeling you'll be right behind me.

Hang in there...

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