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What a twat

Countingsheep65 posted 7/16/2020 23:08 PM

She is actually posting on her Facebook how wonderful it is to have reconnected with her high school boyfriend.

They just reconnected beginning of June. He reached out to her.

WTF? After I call her with my husband in the bed beside me to confront the both of them about the conversation they have been having, wanting to take a little trip and get all cozy.

He told her we were separated, I told her he was trying to hook up with some lady he had already dated while I was going through cancer treatment a few years ago. And she thinks it’s wonderful?

I Wonder if she will think it is still WONDERFUL after she finds out her name is mentioned in the papers that will be filed next week?

EllieKMAS posted 7/16/2020 23:21 PM

Have to admit I saw the title of this thread and just said "Seriously, such a twat."

You know tho, let her have her little delusion about what a 'prize' she's won. And let them ride off into their bullshit unicornfart land. It won't make either of them happy and it likely won't last. Meanwhile you will be living your best life free of all the drama!

Ugh. Feckin twats.

The1stWife posted 7/17/2020 03:41 AM

Good for you!!! Rock on!

traicionada posted 7/17/2020 04:38 AM

It’s like a garage sale. Your unwanted junk is someone's incredible “treasure”

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