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Shit......I donít think Iíll be able to afford a divorce.

Countingsheep65 posted 7/23/2020 23:14 PM

The bills coming in just for paperwork, what a frigging joke. I mean really, he hasnít even been served and I owe $3,000. WTF,
. Crazy.

Buffer posted 7/23/2020 23:17 PM

Sorry but it is a costly journey.
Please seek assistance from the practitioner about instalment payments.
It canít hurt.

LadyG posted 7/24/2020 03:16 AM

Shit, yeah!

Thatís why my lawyer told me to be smarter in my Divorce than I was in my marriage.

STBXWH has agreed to lodge And pay Divorce proceedings in Court.

WHís has instructed Lawyer that I will draft our financial settlement and all he needs to do is have it certified, legally binding by a Court.

WH is paying for Divorce as he cheated, he ended marriage and I paid for wedding, so WH is paying for Divorce.

Sounds fair 🙏🏼

Chaos posted 7/24/2020 07:04 AM

Does your area/jurisdiction have a legal aid department? If so, you may want to see what services they offer. The research and phone calls to find out are free.

Anna123 posted 7/24/2020 07:52 AM

Sometimes women's shelters will have a legal resource list.

If you expect a decent amount of support, you can let the lawyer know you will pay from that going forward after the retainer. It doesn't hurt to ask for stbx to pay legal bills in the settlement. (My lawyer said they rarely do but it's another bargaining chip that you will have. They SHOULD since they are the one's destroying the marriage!). In the end support usually more than pays for lawyer fees and you won't regret it.

traicionada posted 7/24/2020 09:42 AM

Search for legal clinics in your area. Legal clinics are usually staffed by last year law students but they are closely supervised by both the court and the school. My sister used them and she only had to pay the court fees.

TheLostOne2020 posted 7/24/2020 10:01 AM

That's one of the reasons I pushed for mediation so hard. In total my divorce is going to cost me just under 5k.

99problems posted 7/24/2020 10:44 AM

It's going to cost me every last penny...
And it's still fucking worth it

Westway posted 7/24/2020 16:49 PM

I'm into it for nearly $10k now.

Tortured posted 7/24/2020 19:52 PM

I know..... this is like the kick in the teeth after the infidelity...

My legals were in excess of 50k and we only made one appearance in front of a judge and settled after that. My best friend has spent over 150k over the year fighting over the children with her cheating ex. The only reason itís now stopped is he went bankrupt otherwise it would still be costing her.

There is no comfort... Iím so sorry.... but every single time it hurt I remind myself of how lucky I am Iím not with them.

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