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Blinding rage at ow 2

Gottagetthrough posted 9/3/2020 07:30 AM

Ow 2 got Wh to have to resign from his job. Wh hasnt had income coming in for over 2 months and is living on retirement.

This morning Im so fucking mad at this bitch. Wh had to go into private sector because of her... this COULD mean a ton more money (Atleast a 50% increase in salary, if not 100% increase). if he actually works. But it takes a few months to start making that dough.

Hes trying hard some times but he has mental health issues and some days (yesterday) just stays in bed all day.

This morning Im so mad at ow 2 because she knew he has bipolar 1 and that he was acting off because he was having an episode. She didnt tell their supervisor that, just that my Wh was upsetting her. Supervisor yelled at Wh for a half an hour, getting him more jacked up and manic and Wh resigned.

This bitch told my Wh about sexual positions she likes, they traded I love yous (JUST PLATONICALLY
) they were BFF 4 Life.

She is 36 and told another woman in their office that I want to be you when I grow up (the other woman is really good at her job). Um. Grow the fuck up bitch.

I hate this idiot so much. Im so mad at her for not being a friend and telling the supervisor that Wh was having a mental health crisis. Instead she threw him under the bus, and you know what? That effects me because I relied on his paycheck.

I know my anger is misplaced. Wh is the one who invited her into our lives. Its on HIM. But damnit I want to call hr and tell them the story . This ow2 is actually still taking about my Wh and refuses to do any work with him (now that hes In the private sector). And when they are in the same building goes out of her way to avoid him to the point where others ask whats up with her and you

Wh just wants to forget what happened, move on, but shes making that hard . She even told a colleague she thought Wh was following her, which Wh laughed about and said, I dont have enough money for FOOD Im not wasting gas to go follow her from work to home. I already know She doesnt go anywhere.. I can attest hes not following her, it is hard to get his butt out of bed. Hes right here in my house.

So mad. So so so mad. I may call hr on this jerk. Bipolar is an ADA covered disability and shes scared of him because of that.

The1stWife posted 9/3/2020 15:51 PM

She took advantage of him. Its very sad.

But best to just let it drop with his former employer. Unless you are going to allege wrongful termination against them I would just not engage with them.

I would get a strongly worded letter written by an attorney if she continues to make false allegations such as following her or whatever other crap she makes up. But its hard to prove unless its in writing.

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