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Trying to explain my hurt does no good

Gottagetthrough posted 9/4/2020 14:19 PM

Talking to Wh today. I tried to tell him why he hurt me. I donít know why . I know he doesnít get it.

He yelled and said this is why I was best friends with ow2. She doesnít throw stuff back into my face.

October 18, heís moving out!

The1stWife posted 9/4/2020 14:43 PM

And that is why heís useless!

He doesnít care he created this tsunami. He just wants you to stop talking about it.

crazyblindsided posted 9/4/2020 15:45 PM

It's why we are in this forum. My STBX is still blameshifting as well. They are broken.

Gottagetthrough posted 9/4/2020 16:29 PM

Why canít I go NC?! I need to!

However, itís good to have these talks with Wh because it just strengthens my resolve to kick him out after 45 (now 44) days

BearlyBreathing posted 9/4/2020 17:03 PM

So every time you have one of these conversations it helps to reinforce why divorce is the only option here. However you are also causing yourself unnecessary pain and frustration. Hopefully at some point soon you can disengage and spare yourself that extra pain. And this is exactly why no contact is so important for our own sanity and to help us move forward. Iím sorry heís being such an Insensitive jerk. Itís just what WS do To make us BS out to be bad people to justify their crappy decisions. October 18 will be here soon, hang tight.

BearlyBreathing posted 9/4/2020 17:04 PM

Also wanted to say this is why We remind betrayed spouses that your soon to be ex is not your friend. Maybe they used to be your friend but now theyíre just a crazy stranger and you need to build other networks and support systems and realize your divorce is really truly a business transaction. Of course this hurts and itís easier said than done

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