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I don’t know what Cookies are 😒

WhatsRight posted 11/7/2020 11:47 AM

I am technologically impaired.

I do not know what a cookie is.

And so, obviously I don’t know what it means when I try to log on to the site and it says “cookies are required”.

Is there a short exclamation someone could give me???

Perhaps a kindergarten teacher???

[This message edited by WhatsRight at 12:12 PM, November 7th (Saturday)]

maise posted 11/7/2020 12:26 PM

I’m such a dork, why did I think cookies 🍪?!?! I was like, what? Cookies? What’s this post about?? Lol. Speaks to where my mind is right now. to be fair, I haven’t had a meal yet.

devotedman posted 11/7/2020 13:14 PM

Cookies are used to store little bits of information about your activities on a website, like whether or not you're logged in.

Naturally advertisers have perverted them to store lots of information about you So that they can target ads to you.

WhatsRight posted 11/7/2020 17:38 PM

Thank you for that.

So, it is required for me to accept these cookies in order to get on the site? Do I understand that correctly?

I’m not sure I want to have bits of my information stored anywhere. Is it safe for me to do that? I can’t imagine MH would ask it of us if it was not.

I just have to ask.

Anytime I have ever been asked to accept some thing about “cookies” in the past, I have just “x”Ed out of whatever ask me that.

But I can’t leave my peeps here!

[This message edited by WhatsRight at 5:39 PM, November 7th (Saturday)]

devotedman posted 11/7/2020 17:51 PM

Yes, cookies must be enabled to log in on SI. Your password isn't in the cookie, but the fact that you logged in _is_ stored.

Cookies have an expiry date. That is why you must log in every two weeks or so. The cookie expires, is deleted, and takes the fact that you had logged in with it.

Jeaniegirl posted 11/7/2020 18:40 PM

Whatsright .... and after all that you send each of us a couple of dozen of chocolate chip cookies! We'd all be happy to give your our delivery address.

I've often wondered why that process has to be called 'cookies.' Why not ... sand burrs or spiders ... or whatever.

Every time I see the cookies message, I want cookies!

squid posted 11/7/2020 18:48 PM

I'm with Jeaniegirl.

You put the idea of cookies in our heads after all. I like my choco chip cookies with walnuts and extra gooey.

Jeaniegirl posted 11/7/2020 19:30 PM

ohhhh walnuts! Whatsright, I'll take two dozen.

wildbananas posted 11/7/2020 20:12 PM

Ohhhh... WR is making cookies for us? Yes please! grin

Jeaniegirl posted 11/7/2020 21:25 PM

Yes! Send her your delivery address.


PricklePatch posted 11/8/2020 11:00 AM

I always think of cookies as a your computer footprint. Example, I have been looking at solar panels, When a news site I frequent gives me a pop up, commercial of solar panels.

I want cookies as well.

Jeaniegirl posted 11/8/2020 14:22 PM

Same with me. I've been looking at new windows for my home. A certain type of window. Now, no matter what I'm doing on the laptop, lots of pictures of THOSE windows popping up.

Whatsright must be busy in the kitchen, flour all over -- baking our cookies. She doesn't realize orders are piling up.

WhatsRight posted 11/8/2020 19:36 PM

You laugh, but I do a good deal of baking at Thanksgiving to Christmas time.

It would be a little cruel to ask me to bake chocolate chip cookies, seeing how I haven’t had caffeine… Meaning chocolate… For 32 years! (I use carob chips and I’m pretty sure everybody would hate that! But it needs nothing.)

But, you all got me thinking… Can you send some thing other than just a card for the card exchange?

Jeaniegirl posted 11/8/2020 20:22 PM

Such a sweet lady. We are harassing you to get you to smile. You have more on your plate, in my humble opinion, than any other poster.

Thanksgiving IS coming up - unless you live in Canada and have already celebrated. So yeah, baking comes to mind. Not sure what my family will do this year due to covid.... but I'm not expecting to get together in large groups.

WhatsRight posted 11/11/2020 00:18 AM

My H and I will eat a Thanksgiving dinner with our kids and the 2 girlfriends & 2 grandbabies. If schedules permit.

As far as my extended family goes, we have decided to forgo the meal, as that is usually quite close contact with the 20 to 25 of us at three tables crammed into one room.

So we are going to pray for pretty weather, and have a big bonfire in my nephews backyard, make s’more‘s, and maybe play a game of some sort. Just an opportunity to see each other. I haven’t seen any of them since March.

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