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Well I'll Be Damned! It's Done!

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Westway posted 12/3/2020 16:38 PM

Just got a call from my lawyer. She found out through a contact at the courthouse that the Divorce Decree was signed and is being mailed today! I was told it wouldn't be until after New Years, but Santa came early!

Thumos posted 12/3/2020 16:40 PM

Congrats! Go celebrate!

Buster123 posted 12/3/2020 17:54 PM

Congratulations !!! not that it matters much but I'm wondering how your now XWW will take the news.

BearlyBreathing posted 12/3/2020 20:14 PM

Well look at that! Christmas miracles are real.
Congrats and glad you will have a fresh start for 2021.

EllieKMAS posted 12/3/2020 20:54 PM

Congrats west! This is great news!!

[This message edited by EllieKMAS at 2:20 PM, December 4th (Friday)]

ramius posted 12/4/2020 01:24 AM

Congratulations. Better days ahead for you.

BrokenheartedUK posted 12/4/2020 06:45 AM


steadychevy posted 12/4/2020 07:16 AM

Congratulations, Westway. It's a tragedy it comes to this but legal freedom at last. Enjoy the season.

DigitalSpyder posted 12/4/2020 07:42 AM


Lalagirl posted 12/4/2020 08:01 AM

Congratulations, Westway! A virtual toast to your future, free from infidelity! Cheers!

barcher144 posted 12/4/2020 08:18 AM


(looks at my notes: m divorced was filed on 9/15/18... and I am still not single. I'm VERY jealous)

Curious9 posted 12/4/2020 09:04 AM

Congrats. That is a great Christmas present. Hopefully you went out and had a great time yesterday. :)

J707 posted 12/4/2020 10:31 AM

Congratulations! I remember the day my papers came in the mail, I was shocked it was finally official and over. Let the weight lift off your shoulders and breath in that fresh air! Enjoy the freedom!

KatieKat posted 12/4/2020 10:41 AM

Onward, Mr Shock & Awe!! Have a great holiday and rest of your life!!

SlapNutsABingo posted 12/4/2020 14:15 PM

Don't tell her a thing, let her find out I'm assuming through the mail or her lawyer.

Oh yeah, big time congrats...Just think, you didn't even want to post your story at first. If I remember right it took quite a bit of coaxing to get you to do so.

JS84 posted 12/4/2020 18:09 PM

Congrats man. I still remember when you first posted. Sure it doesn't feel like it for you but seems like yesterday.

OrdinaryDude posted 12/5/2020 03:42 AM


Shockedmom posted 12/5/2020 20:46 PM

Congratulations! What a gift. Celebrate your complete freedom.

squid posted 12/6/2020 06:28 AM

What a relief! Congrats!

gr8ful posted 12/6/2020 12:29 PM

Awesome to hear Westway. And thank you for all your contributions on this board - hope it continues! You’ve set an outstanding example and your perspective benefits many.

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