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Quick question for ladies of a certain age

Lionne posted 5/10/2021 21:01 PM

I have interstitial cystitis. I'm also old and apparently drying up like a prune. I've been prescribed topical estrogen but found it irritating. My doctor suggested that I try the estring. It's a pessary that dispenses a small amount of estrogen.
I got some immediate relief with insertion, probably because of support for a minor prolapse. I have to reinsert it after a BM, sorry for the tmi.
But I've developed a nasty yeast infection that's not responding to otc cream. Is this common? Can it be circumvented so I get the benefits of the medication and support?
I've contacted my doctor but know someone here might have experience.

HFSSC posted 5/10/2021 22:58 PM

Is this a pessary that has to be cleaned weekly? Or is it supposed to be used for a week and disposed of? When I worked GYN, all of the pessaries we used had to be cleaned weekly and there was a cream (triclosan, IIRC) that was used weekly as well.

It could be bacterial vaginosis, or you could be hypersensitive to an ingredient.

Definitely need to follow up with the doc, though.

Lionne posted 5/10/2021 23:03 PM

It's supposed to stay in for 3 months. But that's not happening. I don't think it's bacterial, I've had experience with that
I'm scrupulous about washing my hands, etc. And it's only supposed to be cleaned with warm water.

zebra25 posted 5/10/2021 23:20 PM

Funny you should post about this. I was just prescribed the estring. I have not attempted to use it yet.

tushnurse posted 5/11/2021 07:31 AM

As a mom of someone that has IC I'm not sure that a pessary is the best thing to for you.

I mean she is incredibly sensitive to just about everything and anything touching her in the nethers. I am wondering why your Dr would encourage this over a patch, and just plain old lube when needed.

I also see how if it is coming out frequently that you could develop yeast infections. It is the perfect habitat for it to grow, warm, moist, dark, and the moisture is being put back in w/ the estrogen it is giving you.

Couple of thoughts.... I would get on a probiotic, a quality one like Align, or Florastor, and take it twice a day, and add yogurt into your diet at least one time a day.

I would also treat this yeast with cream and diflucan- call the GYN and ask for it it's a one and done dose of medication to cure the yeast as well.
Pessary's can be great especially if you leak at all, or have any sort of prolapse, they even make disposable ones you can get in the feminine hygiene aisle at the store. As someone who is post-the pause, and has a tiny bit of leakage with coughs and sneezes, I have considered trying it to help when my allergies are bad.

Anyway time for another discussion w/ your Dr.

Lionne posted 5/11/2021 20:48 PM

Tush, they seem to think the atrophy (horrendous description imo) is related to frequentcy and urgency. IDK. I'm thinking the stress of wedding and travel to and from is adding to my symptoms. I'll check it out when I get home.

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