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When the side chick seems to be winning in media.

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 Howcthappen (original poster member #80775) posted at 12:28 PM on Sunday, October 9th, 2022

These last few months I’ve been triggered by stuff in media. The Queen’s death and the Royal Side Chick Camilla possibly being named Wueen.The coach of the Boston Celtics cheating on his beautiful wife at the job getting suspended because of it is probably going to lose his job….. his face and his wife’s face is all over the news but somehow the side chick was anonymous for weeks.

Is anyone else triggered by these events? Does it bring up stuff for you and make you go down a rabbit whole of what we’re you thinking with your WS?

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hurtbs ( member #10866) posted at 4:13 PM on Sunday, October 9th, 2022

I find it interesting what triggers me these days. The Celtics thing, not so much. It's looking more and more like that Coach was predatory and that this was not simply an "inappropriate relationship" at work. Camilla... I always viewed that situation as much different than "the rest of us." Perhaps because the Royals couldn't choose who they marry and couldn't divorce. Having lived in the UK, she doesn't have an easy row to hoe. They pretty much hate her there. One of the theories about why the press was so cruel to Meghan is that they offered her up as a surrogate to take heat off of the future Queen.

I get really triggered by "banal" storylines about cheating; especially if they paint the WS as "flawed" but "had their reasons." I have been watching Frasier reruns. The show is great and I just need some humor. There is an episode where the boys find out that their mother had an affair. At first, their father (martin) lies and says it was him. It turns out, he does this to protect the boys' image of their mother. Later, when discussing it with Frasier, he tells him "Don't judge your mother for this. I was hard to live with back then and she had plenty of reasons to do what she did." I broke down when he said something like they had a lot of great years but "There were some nights it tore me up inside..." Something about that line really hit.

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toota ( new member #80060) posted at 12:28 AM on Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

Turns out the Nobel Prize winner in Literature for this year was one too! Yippie Yay! barf

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DayDreamBeliever ( new member #82205) posted at 10:19 AM on Monday, October 31st, 2022

Camilla spent many many years being hated and in my opinion unfairly so. Their relationship really is no one else's business but due to birth it became just that. People portray Diana as an innocent betrayed spouse forgetting she herself also stepped out the marriage. Theirs was a marriage that never should have happened. Maybe a knee jerk from his dad to Camilla marrying her first husband. She came from trauma as did he. They may be rich and privileged but neither had a healthy start to life and it came out in marriage.

I do agree it seems unfair when you see a wayward spouse seemingly winning but don't forget people only show you what they want to show you and you never see the full story

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The1stWife ( Guide #58832) posted at 11:28 AM on Monday, October 31st, 2022

I don’t get triggered by "famous" or wealthy people cheating. Seems to be a complete lack of morals these days.

My parents have had a wonderful marriage of over 60 years and I use that as my beacon. My one grandmother was widowed several times and had really great husbands.

No marriage is perfect. But I hope that we all learn something along the way and avoid the traps and mistakes so many others make.

My motto is people deserve to be happy. But not at the expense of others. No one is justified in cheating. Period.

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Topic is Sleeping.
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