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Getting a Start on the End

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ChangeMaker posted 11/18/2014 12:28 PM

Update time!

The house did not sell. The financing fell through and the buyers backed out. After much back and forth, it looks like STBXWW will let me buy her out of the house, so the kids and I can stay there. No definite answer of course... decisions are not her strong point.

Our agreement is not finalized either, since the sale/buyout of the house affects that document significantly.

I have agreed to change the children's names to include her name (hyphenated). I really didn't want to do this, and we fought hard about it. This is simply a sacrifice on my part for STBXWW. I don't think it will affect the kids one way or the other (they're too young).

It doesn't matter, but she continues her relationship with the high school dropout, sporadically employed labourer. I have almost reached the point of indifference.

I have been dating a little. I have met one woman who seems promising, but I'm in no hurry to jump into anything with both feet yet. I have already told her I don't want to start having sex because I don't want our relationship to be built on that. That doesn't work. (See? I'm learning!)

I continue to run for exercise, and now easily complete 10km runs a few times per week.

Kids are doing great, and have gotten used to mommy not living in the house. STBXWW is now spending much more quality time with them, taking them to activities and such. This is good. I always felt that her lack of involvement in playing with them would hurt them.

She finally admitted that she's been dragging her feet on the agreement in the bizarre hope that we might get back together. She says this like she's considering taking ME back, BTW. I told you before, she BEGGED me to take her back. No fucking chance. She never SHOWED me she'd do anything, and her ongoing relationship with OM shows her dedication.

Still really looking forward to taking care of the house and agreement and saying "buh bye" for good.

ChangeMaker posted 1/5/2015 12:07 PM

Well, we still don't have an agreement, but there is a significant development:

We had two married friends; the husband (a cheater) and my STBXWW grew up together.

STBXWW doesn't know it, but the wife, who is tight with STBXWW has decided that she doesn't like being surrounded by cheaters and liars, and is feeding me information on the side.

I love it.

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