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tesla posted 3/2/2018 22:21 PM

...and welcome to the weekend...

What's everyone up to??

Went out with some co-workers after work today and decompressed. Teslet has chess club on Saturday. I'll get a long trail run in. We'll also try to get out and find a couple of geocaches.
And I'm sure we'll clean sometime...maybe...I hope.

Phoenix1 posted 3/2/2018 22:38 PM

TGIF, indeed!! Whew!! Long week!

Running errands tomorrow then meeting up with DD to get our nails done. After that it will be chores around the house, grading papers, and HOPEFULLY wrapping up my taxes.

But I AM starting to entertain the notion of an August solo trip somewhere, so the fun thoughts are starting to churn. SO will be in India so I figured, why not go somewhere myself??!!

PricklePatch posted 3/2/2018 23:00 PM

Cleaning, also trying to make assemble low fat vegetarian food bowls. New food plan from my doctor.

ADryHeat posted 3/2/2018 23:15 PM


I had a crazy week and am really happy to have my kids home as they always help recenter me. A friend of mine is moving out of state this weekend so we had her over for dinner tonight. It was good for my soul and she helped me sort through some personal/dating stuff Iím trying to unpack mentally and emotionally.

Tomorrow we may go to a local parade and classic car show if we can get moving early enough. Otherwise, just hanging at home being lazy.

Sunday we are going to a spring training game...their first ever! We have lawn seats with some friends.

Jls0320 posted 3/2/2018 23:58 PM

Few free hours tonight while my kids went to a parents night out thing. A dry heat, I think youíre in AZ also, we also may hit up the parade! Other than that hanging w my boys all weekend

funnelcakes posted 3/3/2018 00:10 AM

Since we're back on supervised visits, I don't have to drive 100 miles/day to do Saturdays anymore (he was in a no transport/no overnights thing and I had double-drop off because of cascading kid activities).

It should be like a spa vacation.

shakentocore posted 3/3/2018 07:20 AM

I braved the NoríEaster and got together with friends to write letters about ** a topic Iím not allowed to discuss on these boards **

minusone posted 3/3/2018 08:37 AM

Also, another survivor of the storm....very lucky kept my power and just have a portion of a fence down.

Right now I don't know what I am going to do....chores around the house...(maybe) get tax stuff sorted (maybe) It's been a crazy busy I might just relax and do nothing but the bare minimum.

Everyone enjoy!!!

phmh posted 3/3/2018 10:32 AM

Happy Weekend!

I went to an NBA game last night with my dad. My team lost, but it was close and still exciting. They've got to pick it up or they won't make the playoffs, though...

Just got back from a longish run (marathon in 3 weeks) and am about to make pancakes. Then cleaning and trying to get things done around the house. Unless I just read and do jigsaw puzzles, which is likely.

Going to the symphony tonight -- one of my favorite symphonies is being performed and I try to see it live as often as I can.

Oscar party tomorrow! I saw all of the best picture nominees except Get Out (I hate horror movies as I am a giant chicken, though will likely see this in the near future since I've heard raves about it) so I'm excited as I'll get the movie references and definitely have my favorites I'm rooting for.

Saw red-winged blackbirds on my run this morning. Spring is on its way!!! :)

thebighurt posted 3/3/2018 11:07 AM

Shopping for groceries and paper, paper, paper! Sorting it, filing it, shredding it, recycling it... Also a little visiting with family and a little cleaning. Dull, dull, dull, life I know....

ADryHeat posted 3/3/2018 15:34 PM

a dry heat, I think youíre in AZ also, we also may hit up the parade! Other than that hanging w my boys all weeken

Jls, I am. I actually live just a few miles from this morningís parade route, but opted to sleep in instead and take my kids to the park. I didnít realize we lived so near each other! Are you hitting the festival next weekend?

little turtle posted 3/3/2018 15:36 PM

Friday- went to dinner with MIL and Aunt. Husband's good friend and brother came over later and we played Dominion.

Today- went to lunch with MIL. Husband cleaned out some stuff in his childhood bedroom. Not sure what we will do tonight.

Tomorrow- we will plan the meals for the month and then buy whatever we need. I'll pick up my older boys in the evening.

Jls0320 posted 3/3/2018 19:15 PM

Dry heat sent you a pm 😁

ForTheKids posted 3/3/2018 19:53 PM

Lol I work every weekend.

My weekend has been pretty rough so far. Iím an industrial mechanic and a peice of equipment under my watch had a pretty major failure. One more day hoping everything is back together by tommorow night.

I canít wait until Monday, my weekend!

lilies21 posted 3/3/2018 20:30 PM

Happy Weekend to all!

DS and I had a children's building workshop this morning where we built a periscope and he had his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby today. His car raced well, it didn't place in the top three, but he won for best car and the family car I raced placed first and won best family car. We went out for celebratory ice cream and saw a movie, it was a really good day. Tomorrow DS and I are going to a workshop at a nature center to learn how to get syrup from trees.

Awesomeness: Asshat and all them were there racing with the girlfriend's son and we totally kicked their asses. It may be petty of me to be glad about it but Asshat always prided himself on being a great builder when he really wasn't and his cars never came close to ours . I felt bad for the boy but apparently they haven't taught him how to take losing well. They left without even saying bye or congratulations to DS because the boy was too upset.

wishingitwasnt posted 3/3/2018 20:32 PM

Oscars? What? Lord, I am out of touch.

Taxes done. Mine, anyway. Working on my daughter's paperwork. Sigh. It will be ready by end of the weekend.

Life changes coming up soon. I am... Waiting. Nervous. Scared

StillLivin posted 3/3/2018 22:33 PM

I missed the party! 😥. I was doing homework. More homework then Spring Break starts!

hardtimesinlife posted 3/4/2018 12:16 PM

Love your race story, lilies
Congrats on your car building skills!

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