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Ex Hubs new girl stalking me ???

Phcj123 posted 11/5/2019 11:45 AM

Argh I just saw on instagram that my exís new girlfriend was stalking my Instagram stories! He left me 2 months ago for her. I have a 1 year old and thatís all I post. Why is she stalking me !!? Should I tell my ex or not bother ? So strange.

TX1995 posted 11/5/2019 11:47 AM

Can't you make it private? Or block her?

Phcj123 posted 11/5/2019 12:31 PM

TX1995, not sure. Gotta check privacy options. But kinda like that sheís stalking. Maybe it will give her some
Guilt what she did to my precious baby.

MamaDragon posted 11/5/2019 12:45 PM

I would gather my evidence and watch.

Course, I'd also be tempted to post something about karma, and what goes around comes around!

She is probably trying to gather enough info so that she can keep your ex on the hook - I'd be hard pressed to not go see a lawyer about custody arrangements and having it in writing that she can't be around your child until their relationship has been established for a while.

Phcj123 posted 11/5/2019 12:53 PM

MamaDragon, haha I totally should. Or address her personally in the story lol. What do you mean gather info to keep him on hook ? I told him I donít want her around but Iím pretty sure he already introduced him. The way he said ďbut heís gonna
Meet random people like my friends all the timeĒ. Argh.

tushnurse posted 11/5/2019 14:12 PM

I'd be hard pressed to not find a meme about - Divorcing because I don't like my husbands girlfriend, and than follow that with pictures of ogres, and trolls maybe photoshop a picture of him w/ a an ogre, and tag her in it.

I would have a hard time resisting. Good thing FB was still young in the my Post Dday world.

Lalagirl posted 11/5/2019 14:17 PM

Maybe it will give her some
Guilt what she did to my precious baby.

Sadly, no. She wants to see what you're up to. And she knows deep down that if he'll cheat with her, he will cheat on her (and she's thinking it will be with you).

I like some of the meme ideas!

Phcj123 posted 11/5/2019 14:35 PM

Lalagirl, mmm I wonder. He wants nothing to do with me so she should have no worry there lol. Already brought up divorce and everything. But good I hope she does feel that way. She did an awful thing and I hope she lives w trust issues and guilt while sheís with him!!

OptionedOut posted 11/5/2019 14:48 PM

Wow. She's clearly uncomfortable knowing she has a cheater on her hands.

She won the turd fair and square. She's the proud owner of a cheater! She can't trust him, this is clear or she wouldn't be stalking you. He's probably cheating and she thinks it's with you.

Now, you could block her or set her on a path. Vague things that she'll take wrong. She'll light into him and show her true psycho self. He'll dump her for the next flavor of kibble.

Phcj123 posted 11/5/2019 14:59 PM

OptionedOut, great idea! Hmm what could I post ?? Trying to think of ideas now !

crazyblindsided posted 11/5/2019 15:04 PM

Yes this happened right after we separated webcam girl stalked me on my Facebook. She laughed at a picture I posted of my daughterís homemade cupcakes. This webcam girl looks like a child herself maybe 20? Anyways stalking the ex certainly looked childish from my end. At first I blocked then I thought nah let her knock herself out stalking my wall

[This message edited by crazyblindsided at 3:05 PM, November 5th (Tuesday)]

deephurt posted 11/5/2019 15:17 PM

I think Iíd post some stuff that gives her suspicion that he is cheating with you already lol. Just something to make her worry.

OptionedOut posted 11/5/2019 15:30 PM

Buy some flowers. Post "I love getting flowers!" Hey, you bought them yourself. But she won't know that.

If you happen to know he was away from her for an evening, the next day, I'd post a pic of yourself looking naughty and happy. Title it "Ladies, you know the look. Wink wink!" For all anyone knows it's because you indulged in a bath or dessert or a girls' night out or... whatever.

She bought into crazy. Let her have it.

The1stWife posted 11/5/2019 16:40 PM

I would post all day and drive the OW crazy.

Stupid nonsense that she can worry about. Some ideas:

Looking forward to that special day (that will make her lose it)!

My child looks just like his dad today wearing.......

Put some karma quotes out there. That will make her upset.

Doesitstop11 posted 11/5/2019 17:25 PM

I would post something like, "I love when an ex comes crawling back... " or "Grass is always greener, so I have been told." She

Phcj123 posted 11/5/2019 19:07 PM

OptionedOut, hahaa Iím not the type to post selfies hmm. I do have two work outings this week so will have to post something with that. Maybe something outside restaurant to make it look like a date night.

Phcj123 posted 11/5/2019 19:09 PM

The1stWife, hahaa I should. Those are good. Gotta think of some more.

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