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Help me draft a love letter to posoms wife?

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Jimmy1962 posted 1/8/2020 14:04 PM

Hello everyone! I want to send a letter to Piece Of Shit Other Mans new wife thru facebook. They recently got married and I want to tell her that I want to screw her brains out if she gets bored with POSOM. I only have one shot at this as she will block me as soon as she reads it.
I want POSOM to hear from his wife that I want to F her. I want to say it in a way that sounds as eloquent as possible but still gets the message across. It will piss him off that I am pursuing his wife. GOOD! I really have no interest in his new skank, I just want to piss him off. I want he and his new wife to have a conversation about me while I am going about my business. I have been angry at him while he has a good time going about his life. I want to turn the tables a little.

HellFire posted 1/8/2020 14:08 PM

Why are you calling HIS wife a skank? Wth?? She didn't cheat on you. She had nothing to do with what happened 20 years ago.

The conversation they will have about you is that you need professional help.

Aren't you supposed to stay away from him,via a restraining order?

Leave her alone. His actions..and your wife' not entitle you to harass his wife. She is an innocent woman. Unlike YOUR wife.

I highly doubt anyone here is going to help you send a nasty letter to an innocent woman.

Get a grip.

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BeingheldbyJesus posted 1/8/2020 14:10 PM

Why would you want to use her and hurt her? Rise above it. Don't stoop to his level.

emergent8 posted 1/8/2020 14:11 PM

Gently, this is a really bad idea. I would really encourage you not to do it.

All it will do is repulse/creep out the new wife (and cause you to lose all credibility with her forever) and tell POSOM that he's still living rent-free in your brain. It'll also give him the ego-boost of knowing that his new wife is a catch and attractive to others. I doubt it'll piss him off. He'll just think you're pathetic.

I don't know your whole story but your tag line says you're trying to reconcile. This move is directly contradictory to that.

Look, I get wanting him to suffer. I really REALLY do. This doesn't accomplish your objective however.

Jimmy1962 posted 1/8/2020 14:26 PM

I never thought of hurting her. I just wanted to piss him off. I wanted the letter to be flattering to her, maybe uplift her spirits that I am interested in her. I should have not called her a skank, she is probably a good person. I just wanted to make the point that I really have no interest in her in any way. I guess this was another bad idea in a long list of bad ideas! Sorry to have offended anyone!

Slowlygoingcrazy posted 1/8/2020 14:29 PM

I get wanting to piss him off, but this isnít a good idea.

If I was on the receiving end of that message I would be creeped out. I would show my husband. If he said he already had a restraining order against you we would definitely be going to the police. In many jurisdictions, criminal stalking includes those close to the original target.

Heís not worth it.

Plus what did this woman do to you? Why should she be scared to go about her day? Why disrupt her sense of well-being?

Was writing while you were posting. You may have tried to make the message flattering and uplifting for her, but trust me, unsolicited sex talk is creepy! I get it all of the time on Instagram and it bothers me if the guy is local (I have a public page for a male-dominated hobby). It feels violating.

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Jimmy1962 posted 1/8/2020 14:42 PM

I did not want to send her a letter of unsolicited sex talk. I wanted to send her something flattering that lets her know Iím interested in her, and I know she would let him know that I sent the message, and that should piss him off. I wanted the letter to be flattering and friendly and kind. I did not want the letter to be offensive or threatening or anything negative. He would come in to my wifes store and flirt with her, he did that for over two years. My wife liked it. I wanted to send something flattering to his wife that she would like. But if she told him it would make him mad. I do not want to creep her out.
I want to put the moves on his wife like he did mine! I want to flatter her, I want to make her feel special, I want to make her be interested in me. The way that my wife was flattered and interested in him. He flirted with my wife and it did not create her out and she was married. I want to do the same thing to his wife.

crazyblindsided posted 1/8/2020 14:44 PM

Yeah I agree with the others that this only tarnishes how you look. I know itís not what you probably want to hear, but please find a way to block this POSOM out of your brain and your life!

3greatkids posted 1/8/2020 14:47 PM

She is a person, not an object to be used by you to get some sort of revenge. Just because you think it will be flattering, doesnít mean she will.

This is a very bad idea all around.

northeasternarea posted 1/8/2020 14:47 PM

His wife is more likely to be totally creeped out by your unsolicited communication.

Lieswearmedown posted 1/8/2020 15:00 PM

She is a human being. She is not a prop for use in your game. I donít know what she would feel after receiving a message from you containing the sentiments you described, so I cannot say for sure that she would be traumatized. It doesnít matter though. Your intent to make her feelings irrelevant is the issue here. She might find it funny, or threatening, or pity you, or be angry, or offended, or confused, or nonplussed. I donít know because sheís her own person. That said, you using her to make yourself feel better is a really craptastic thing to do. Why does your desire to make her husband angry trump her right to not be dragged into your schemes?

landclark posted 1/8/2020 15:00 PM

I donít think most women would appreciate an unsolicited love letter, and would instead just be creeped out.

HoldingTogether posted 1/8/2020 15:02 PM


Buddy, your number one focus, project, hobby and obsession needs to be learning to be ok with and maybe even like Jimmy1962. If you can figure out how to fucking do that you will find that you donít give nearly as much of a shit about what POSOM thinks or feels about any-fucking-thing.

Seriously man. Turn the focus away from outside issues and figure out your inside ones. Get healthy, become the kind of man you want to be. Learn to like and respect yourself. If you can figure that shit out you are going to be amazed that you suddenly become fucking bullet proof.

Good luck man.

justabrokendream posted 1/8/2020 15:04 PM

How is this supposed to help you reconcile? I only go by this due to it being in your signature line.

survrus posted 1/8/2020 15:20 PM


Don't waste your revenge all in one shot.

This is what I partially tried with OMW.

I looked on facebook and saw what stupid games she plays online

I then looked at her employment history, family members etc, so I knew alot about her life and would have common topics to talk about.

I then lost interest in trying to play her game.

Had planned to use the ways OM seduce women.

* bragging about themselves turning themselves into a hero.

* crying about how abused, lonely and misunderstood by their spouse

* praising OMW building up her self-esteem she had a bunch of facebook admirers she always liked their complements.

* Gradually running down OM by analogy to my spouse and making myself an ally of hers against OM1

I still think about trying this, it would also crush my W as she is deathly afraid of my hurting the OM in someway.

survrus posted 1/8/2020 15:22 PM


A variation on this is to pose as an old boyfriend or husband and respark the relationship.

Might be difficult to figure it out, but who knows.

fareast posted 1/8/2020 15:28 PM

HoldingTogether nailed it. The answer to getting past your obsession with the POSOM lies within you. Learn to like yourself and he evaporates.

Jimmy1962 posted 1/8/2020 15:28 PM

I just want to flirt and hit on his wife like he did mine. My wife was flattered by his advances, I wanted to do the same to his wife.

This is a bad idea, more of a bad pipe dream.

How do you delete a post??

Delete this one.

Marie2792 posted 1/8/2020 18:46 PM

It seems that your hurting some more than usual Jinny today. Iím sorry to see that. But Iím glad that some other folks came by and talked you down from it. If heís a cheater, it will be revealed in time. His charmed new life wonít last forever. Sending you some positive energy today.

SaddestDad posted 1/8/2020 20:38 PM

Instead of doing that to her (really bad F'ing idea, btw), why not just send a box full of glitter (addressed to him) as a wedding present?

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