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Hutch posted 5/7/2020 20:18 PM

I don't really post in the forums anymore, but a lot has happened in such a short period of time that my mind is quite frankly spinning.

Today I am offically divorced. I told a friend in a PM that I'm truly filled with a mix of emotions. I suppose most experience the same thing.

Life has changed immensely. My house went on the market in the current town I reside in two weeks ago. I had an offer within hours. I close in a few weeks.
My new house is 7 hours away. New city, new beginnings, new life.

I'm relieved my divorce is final and I'm completely grateful for how everything is falling into place, but sometimes I feel like I can't breathe because I'm completely overwhelmed.

[This message edited by Hutch at 8:20 PM, May 7th (Thursday)]

Phoenix1 posted 5/7/2020 21:22 PM

Bittersweet congrats. Breathe the fresh air of your new beginning and take things one day at a time.

WhoTheBleep posted 5/7/2020 21:36 PM

Congrats, Hutch, on your new beginning. Your emotions are understandable. Hugs to you.

J707 posted 5/7/2020 23:02 PM

When my D was final, I couldn't believe it! I celebrated a long journey that I thought would never end. I had mixed emotions too. Even a month or so after. Bittersweet congrats but it does get better. Feel your feels! Let em run through you but know that this is the beginning of a new chapter for you. All the best to you!!

waitedwaytoolong posted 5/8/2020 16:05 PM

Congratulations! Great things coming your way!!

Hutch posted 5/8/2020 17:11 PM

@ Phoenix1 Thanks. One day at a time it is. I needed that reminder.

@ WhoTheBleep Hugs welcomed for sure. Thanks.

@ J707 Thank you. I appreciate the reminder to “feel your feels”. I think I’m having a lot of those moments. 🤦🏼‍♀️

@ waitedwaytoolong Always grateful for your encouragement and kind heart. Thank you!

CoderMom posted 5/31/2020 15:53 PM

Counseling might be helpful. I have been through 2 divorces, so I know firsthand...

Planetx posted 6/1/2020 17:21 PM

What a journey, plan for good things ahead!

Westway posted 6/8/2020 16:36 PM

Congratulations Hutch!

Hutch posted 6/8/2020 17:01 PM

@codermom - Thank you. I may do that when I'm moved and settled. Appreciate the suggestion.

@Planetx - Thank you. I'll definitely try. :-)

@Westway - Means a lot. Thinking of you too and hope your time is coming and that you're doing well.

Braveyogi posted 6/8/2020 18:12 PM

Hutch - what a bittersweet time for you and so many intense transitions taking place all at once. Stay open to whatever arises - thoughts, feelings, memories. Be a witness to your own new experiences as you embark on your new beginning. Befriend all of it, because man, it is a sh*t ton of stuff going on for you, and this is an opportunity to be kind to yourself. Just meet the next thing on your path, then the next thing and the next. You got this!
Good luck in your new city. Hope it is kicka** and fun and that you meet a lot of wonderful people.

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